Had you read any of the Fables comics before starting The Wolf Among Us?

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Posted by BeachThunder (13308 posts) 1 year, 8 months ago

Poll: Had you read any of the Fables comics before starting The Wolf Among Us? (290 votes)

Yes 23%
No 61%
*Just show me the results* 16%

Personally, I knew next to nothing about the comics before starting the game. I suppose I'm just a crazy person that just trusts Telltale implicitly...

#51 Posted by fetchfox (1501 posts) -

I used to read the comics years ago but fell off after the main villain was dealt with.

#52 Edited by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

No but I'd spent a lot of time staring at the covers.

#53 Posted by ch3burashka (5605 posts) -

I burned through the series last month. It's pretty fantastic. I made my view known in the QL comments - based on huge impact of events in the comics, anything prior, isolated to the Town and the Farm, seems inconsequential.

#54 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

Nope. And even though I really have a certain, dislike towards comics. I'll probably take look into it now.

#55 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1532 posts) -

I did a Wikipedia deep dive on Fables maybe 6 or 7 years back and loved the whole idea. I remembered the general idea but more importantly the breadth and depth that seemed to be a part of the Fables universe. That prior knowledge and the Telltale pedigree had me sold.

#56 Posted by bugbarbecue (73 posts) -

@redsoundwaves: Snow is a huge fable, the more people believe in them the harder they are to kill, Snow isn't dead. Also this is a prequel to the comics.

#57 Posted by SadisticWOlf (112 posts) -

A lot of them, yeah. I own more than a dozen of the TBPs (bought them when I worked at Barnes and Noble).

Haven't kept up on the series in the last four or five years.

#58 Posted by lord_canti (1661 posts) -

i started reading after i played the wolf among us, and it kinda ruined some of the tention for me. after snow was killed i started reading the trade i got years ago and her being on the first page made me look up why and that fables cannot die if there remembered (which will mean snow will come back but faith probaly wont)

#59 Posted by Fredddi43 (413 posts) -

I haven't read any before I played the game, but started afterwards. Now I'm all caught up to the latest issue and still in shock about Bigby's and Blue's death.

#60 Posted by hermes (1784 posts) -

I only knew the comics by name and premise. I didn't read any number before playing the game, but probably will after I complete it.

#61 Posted by papercut (3815 posts) -

I've read, I want to say, 15 of the volumes. Just past the first major story arch. Really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed the first episode. Waiting for the second one to download right now.

@jazgalaxy Yeah James Jean is a great artist but in the last year has said some extremely perplexing things in interviews. He did a talk at my school not that long ago and he seemed like a solid guy though.

#62 Posted by bkbroiler (1664 posts) -

@mideonnviscera said:

@bkbroiler I can tell you now Fables drops off after the first story arc, but it's very long and great.

Thought I'd give you an update on my life, I'm about 30 issues into the comic and loving it. By far the longest I've ever read one. I don't think this will get me into comics because they're so damn expensive but this one is a lot of fun.

#63 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (981 posts) -

I started reading Fables after playing the first Episode. It's pretty good. I'm not a comic book guy, but it's entertaining enough.

#64 Edited by Wired_Abyss (41 posts) -

I had read about 3 issues. One of which gave some awesome backstory for Bigby, in which he was fighting armies and killing dragons, all just to feed himself.

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