Out this week?

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On Monday's Bomin' The A.M, Patrick mentioned that this game would be out this week. However, I can't seem to find any evidence of that. (Besides the screwed up release info on the game's wiki page here.) Is it really coming out this week? If so, for what systems? The steam page doesn't even specify when in October it will be available.

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Out Friday on 360/PC. PS3 TBD.

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What the fuck?

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh shiiit.

So, is this considered a GOTY contender this year or next (assuming that it's good)?

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@beachthunder: next year because you don't get the full game till next year. You can't finish it this year.

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Under the radar would be an understatement.

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@amyggen said:

Under the radar would be an understatement.

I have literally only seen one article about this game...and it was in a previous Gameinformer issue. Ever since then, I have heard nothing about this game...

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Seems like it's not this week for PSN... BOOOOO!

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@steelerzfan101: yup. But to be fair, hasn't it really been like that with other Telltale games too? I seem to remember Back to the Future sneaking up on me. They're probably so busy With TWD that even they forgot about it :)

A shame, because I really like the source material.

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Stealth release!

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Wait.....what???? I didn't even know this game had a release date. Well, something to maybe look forward to I guess!

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Sucks that it won't be on PSN for "a few days" or so I read. I'm guessing it'll be out next Tuesday so it's still not far off, I just wish I didn't have to wait longer.

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Telltale was so close to pulling a Sega Saturn on this game.

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Hopefully the lack of fanfare doesn't mean they're trying to hide a stinker. Fables done by Telltale has HUGE potential, but I could easily see it going wrong.

Hopefully they're so big and respected now that maybe they just don't have to make a huge deal about a new release. Word of mouth (like it did with The Walking Dead) could do the work for them while saving a good chunk of change.

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Already got it purchased. They've earned my good faith after The Walking Dead, even though I'm not a fan of Fables. Plus the artstyle looks really cool.

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I still want to see how actual "gameplay looks" I saw trrailer and they look great but I want to know what kind of game it is or how your answers are reflect in the game.

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Isn't The Walking Dead also about to be released this month? Or was it November?

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Ah screw it. I just bought it. I just hope it is as good as Walking dead^^

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I'm suddenly stoked for this and I have no idea why!

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Finding out about a game like this is infinitely more exciting than seeing a billion trailers. I'm looking at you Ubisoft! I'm looking at you EA!

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