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#1 Posted by huntad (2073 posts) -

I was planning on getting this game on PS3 or 360.

1. Are there notable differences between these two platforms that I should consider?

2. The season pass is apparently not available, so should I just go 360 or is the PS3 better in enough aspects that I should wait for it on there?

Thank you!

#2 Posted by Mogoping (107 posts) -

I played The Wolf Among Us on the PS3 and only notice some minor framerate drops but nothing to the scale of the Walking Dead's drops. It was nothing major that ruined the experience at all.

#3 Posted by huntad (2073 posts) -

@mogoping: How were the loading times? Some people have described lengthy loading times on the 360. I didn't get an exact number, but what do you think about the PS3 version's? Oh and thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

#4 Posted by BeefyGrandmole (391 posts) -

I played it on 360 and watched a friend play it on ps3 and it was pretty much the same. It hitched up in all the same places and stuff like that. If you can't play it on pc then the console versions are almost identical.

#5 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1280 posts) -

I definitely noticed the season pass available for it on 360. Haven't looked on PS3 yet.

The load times are a little annoying but not really detrimental to the gameplay. They are mostly during scene transitions but they wisely keep the audio playing even when the visuals have to catch up. It's a little less jarring that way.

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