Wolf Among US free on XBOX RIGHT NOW!!!!!

#1 Posted by golguin (4538 posts) -

Just picked it up for free. Jump on that. Don't know why its free, but it is.

#2 Posted by Wolfgame (975 posts) -

Thanks for heads up, just grabbed it. I am sure it's ultimately trying to move season passes, but this is still a solid find.

#3 Edited by BigJeffrey (5074 posts) -

Also Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons - $4.94

#4 Posted by Bobstar (361 posts) -

Wow yeah thanks for the heads up, grabbed both TWAU and Brothers.

#5 Edited by DrStrangepork (186 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up, free is right in my price range.

#6 Posted by laserguy (475 posts) -

Thats why you wait for sales. Thanks.

#7 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (4797 posts) -

Only first episode though right? Thanks for the heads up.

#8 Posted by pweidman (2419 posts) -

Thanks 4 the heads up TC. Got 'em both. Awesome.

#9 Posted by Ley_Lines (270 posts) -

This is likely christmas eve's deal as this along with several others like brothers, eternal sonata and peggle just got price drops on live

#10 Posted by nutter (138 posts) -

Awesome, thanks! I tend to wait to grab episodic games (so I can play them all over the course of a month or so. I 'll buy in early for free, though.

#11 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

I love it when things like this happen. I remember getting Fable 2 for free because of a 'Glitch'

#12 Posted by DrxLecter (123 posts) -

Doubt this is a mistake. Last year the first episode of The Walking Dead was free around now. Gets people to try the first ep and they are more likely to buy the others. Also, the season pass is only $15 at the moment.

#13 Posted by HatKing (6454 posts) -

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I think I'm more interested in this than season 2 of Walking Dead. Zombies are so 2012.

#14 Posted by MB (14069 posts) -

Yeah, episode one of The Walking Dead was free on Xbox 360 sometime before Thanksgiving last year. It's a great way to get people interested (and buying) episodic series like this.

#15 Posted by Dylabaloo (1573 posts) -

Thanks for sharing!

#16 Posted by ajamafalous (12448 posts) -

Telltale actually puts out the first episode for free all the time; it's how my mom ended up buying the seasons of Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, and Wallace & Gromit.

#17 Posted by Redbullet685 (6198 posts) -

Telltale's twitter account retweeted a tweet about this being free on Xbox for 24 hours or something so it's not a mistake. I recommend everyone goes and picks this up.

#18 Edited by Kedi2 (262 posts) -

Just want everybody to know that the season pass is on sale for $10 today only (Dec. 25).

#19 Posted by Andorski (5459 posts) -

I did not like The Walking Dead game and thought that I just wasn't a fan of TellTale's style of adventure games. I just finished the first episode of The Wolf Among Us and loved it. I love the story and atmosphere the game has and the first episode alone has me interested in reading the Fables comics.

I definitely recommend on trying out the first episode and getting the season pass.

#20 Edited by golguin (4538 posts) -

@kedi2 said:

Just want everybody to know that the season pass is on sale for $10 today only (Dec. 25).

Thanks for the heads up.

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