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There isn't much information about his past in Stronghold's story, but it is known that his parents both died from apparently natural causes shortly after his eighteenth birthday. He's the final boss, who you have to kill in Mission 21 from the Stronghold campaign.
He is one of the strongest computer opponents in both Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader. He builds a large castle, with very thick walls. He knows how to manage a castle and how to build a strong castle. The Wolf doesn't give his men a break. He's got a high fear factor (which he compensates with ale production), but his people do their job really fast and bring more production. His stronghold features thick, crenelated walls, a lot of big towers with mounted balistas and mangonels on them, sometimes a moat, a lot of killing pits and pitch ditches. Apart from that his fortress is heavily guarded by his loyal soldiers: swordsmen, pikemen, crossbowmen, archers, arabian archers, horse archers and occasionally macemen and knights. his military tactics are slow, but dangerous. Slowly surrounding his enemies with his relentless trebuchets and catapults, he won't forgive anybody.

As an ally, he will prefer not to share his resources or army with you, but he's a good ally nonetheless, because he's in fact the most powerful lord all around.
Difficulty: Very Hard

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