Could be my GotY just because of the end (No spoilers)

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Platinum has done it again.

This game is a brilliant, satisfying, challenging and terrifically fun experience. It takes a fun spin on the character action game genre, instead of controlling a crowd of enemies, YOU are the crowd, and your enemies are trying to control you. It's SO good! My only complaint is that the framerate isn't perfect during some particularly intense moments. Not unplayable, but rough nonetheless.

Then there is the end.... All I'll say is that this games ending TOPS Bayonetta's ending. Yeah, I know, that isn't even overselling it.

If you have a WiiU and you don't have this game, your doing it wrong!!!!!!

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Ordered this from amazon recently. Should be fun. Funny that there's like one user review of it on the site.

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@aegon: You are in for a hell of a ride, man. This game got the shaft because of the month it came out (cough GTAV cough). It flew under my radar for awhile, and I finally got around to playing this year. Vicious is not being hyperbolic about the ending, it really is fucking insane. As much as I loved Bayonetta's ending, it's no contest, this one is the winner. The game pulls crazy shit right out of the gate and keeps trying to one up itself, and unlike a lot of games, it does. Every single time I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. I don't think I've ever mouthed the words to a theme song while playing a games ending in my life, but this game made me do it against my own will. I will say, however, you will have to deal with some occasional bullshit. There are a few moments in the game where it isn't clear AT ALL what you are supposed to do, and have about 20 seconds to do it, and that can be frustrating. The game could have done without about 5 or 6 of the shitty Gradius/After Burner knockoff sections, 2 or 3 would have been fine. Beyond that...just enjoy the insanity, all 18ish hours of it (with no backtracking, I might add. It's fucking LONG for an action game).

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@viciousbearmauling: yup

For as good as GTA V is and for as much time as I've spent in GTA V, it still feels like there is more to come with GTA, and that once GTA 6 comes out we won't care about 5 as much. That won't be the case with The Wonderful 101 and thats why I think it is my game of the year for 2013 over GTA V.

The ending. OMG the ending. Seriously Jeff and the gang deserve to have the ending spoiled for them just so they understand how big of a mistake it was they didn't promote the game more and that they didn't play it for themselves and were too dumb to learn the controls which are extremely well thought out.

One of my favorite games of all time! It also isn't hard to see why this game is awesome without even playing it, just read the name Hideki Kamiya and if you respect the accomplishments of others you will be excited! :D

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Got halfway through. Seems I should finish it?

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