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For the purposes of marketing, Nintendo chose to brand 2013 as "The Year of Luigi," marking it as a celebration of Mario's less revered brother. The company released a number of titles that year with Luigi, normally a supporting character or relegated to Player 2, in more prominent roles. Games that follow this trend include:

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

A sequel to the GameCube launch title, Luigi is once again on center stage in Dark Moon as he helps Professor E. Gadd rid a series of haunted mansions of their ghosts.

New Super Luigi U

A Luigi-themed expansion for New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U features Luigi as the player character in the single-player mode and Mario replaced with Nabbit in multiplayer. The stages are all designed to be extra challenging and are built around Luigi's ability to jump higher and his inability to come to a quick halt from a run.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

An entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG series, Dream Team takes place largely within Luigi's dreams, which Mario must navigate.

Super Mario 3D World

As an unlockable bonus, Super Mario 3D World features an altered version of the classic Mario Bros. arcade game entitled Luigi Bros. This game swaps Mario out for Luigi and alters the controls to conform to Luigi's jump height and movement speed.

Dr. Luigi

A variation on Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi swaps out the standard pills for drops made up of two pills fused together in an L pattern.

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