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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is a sequel to the original Theatrhythm for the Nintendo 3DS. The game features over 200 songs, sixty playable characters, and tracks and characters from a wider selection of games from the Final Fantasy franchise including the main series and spin-offs. Curtain Call features all of the tracks and characters included in the original Theatrhythm.


The three basic music stage types (Battle, Field, and Event) all make a return with some tweaks. For example, field stages now include airships. The game also includes a new two-player competitive mode.

Titles Represented

In addition to the first thirteen main series Final Fantasy titles represented in the original game, Curtain Call also features music and characters from:

The following games are confirmed to feature tracks as DLC:

Romancing SaGa tracks are seeing inclusion as a way to celebrate the SaGa franchise's twenty-fifth anniversary.

Track List

The following songs have been confirmed to appear in Curtain Call:

Final Fantasy

Song TitleStage Type
Miniboss BattleBattle
Final BattleBattle
Main ThemeField
Castle CorneliaField
Opening ThemeField
Matoya's CaveField
Mt. GulgField
Sunken ShrineField

Final Fantasy II

Song TitleStage Type
Battle Theme 1Battle
The Rebel ArmyBattle
Battle Theme 2Battle
Main ThemeField
Tower of the MagiField

Final Fantasy III

Song TitleStage Type
Battle 1Battle
Battle 2Battle
This is the Last BattleBattle
Crystal CaveField
Eternal WindField
The Boundless OceanField
Aria, the Maiden of WaterField
Let Me Know the TruthField
The Crystal TowerField

Final Fantasy IV

Song TitleStage Type
Battle 1Battle
Battle 2Battle
Battle with the Four FiendsBattle
The Final BattleBattle
The Red WingsField
Theme of LoveField
Main Theme of Final Fantasy IVField
Troian BeautyField
Tower of ZotField
The AirshipField
Within the GiantField

Final Fantasy V

Song TitleStage Type
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VBattle
Battle 1Battle
Battle at the Big BridgeBattle
The Decisive BattleBattle
The Final BattleBattle
Four HeartsField
Home, Sweet HomeField
Mambo de ChocoboField
The AirshipField
A New WorldField
In Search of LightField

Final Fantasy VI

Song TitleStage Type
The Decisive BattleBattle
Battle to the DeathBattle
Dancing MadBattle
Terra's ThemeField
Edgar & Sabin's ThemeField
Celes's ThemeField
The Airship BlackjackField
Searching for FriendsField
Kefka's TowerField

Final Fantasy VII

Song TitleStage Type
Let the Battles Begin!Battle
Fight On!Battle
Aerith's ThemeBattle
One-Winged AngelBattle
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VIIField
Gold SaucerField
Cosmo CanyonField
The Highwind Takes to the SkiesField
Judgment DayField

Final Fantasy VIII

Song TitleStage Type
Don't be AfraidBattle
Force Your WayBattle
The Man with the Machine GunBattle
Maybe I'm a LionBattle
The ExtremeBattle
Blue FieldsField
Find Your WayField
Waltz for the MoonField
Fisherman's HorizonField
Ride OnField
The CastleField
Ending ThemeField

Final Fantasy IX

Song TitleStage Type
Battle 1Battle
Battle 2Battle
Swords of FuryBattle
Festival of the HuntBattle
Something to ProtectBattle
The Darkness of EternintyBattle
The Final BattleBattle
Over the HillField
Dark City TrenoField
Aboard the Hilda GardeField
Not AloneField
Behind the DoorField
Melodies of Life ~ Final FantasyField
A Place to Call HomeField

Final Fantasy X

Song TitleStage Type
Battle ThemeBattle
Fight with SeymourBattle
A Contest of AeonsBattle
Final BattleBattle
Spira UnpluggedField
Mi'hen HighroadField
Movement In GreenField
SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful?)Field
Servants of the MountainField
A Fleeting DreamField

Final Fantasy XI

Song TitleStage Type
Battle ThemeBattle
FFXI Opening ThemeBattle
Fighters of the CrystalBattle
Vana'diel MarchField
Heavens TowerField
The Sanctuary of Zi'TahField

Final Fantasy XII

Song TitleStage Type
Boss BattleBattle
Battle with an EsperBattle
Life and DeathBattle
Flash of SteelBattle
Struggle for FreedomBattle
Ending MovieBattle
Streets of RabanastreField
The Dalmasca EstersandField
Heart of a ChildField
Giza PlainsField
The Mosphoran HighwasteField
The Archadian EmpireField

Final Fantasy XIII

Song TitleStage Type
Blinded By LightBattle
Defiers of FateBattle
Saber's EdgeBattle
Desperate StruggleBattle
Fighting FateBattle
The Sunleth WaterscapeField
March of the DreadnoughtsField
The Gapra WhitewoodField
The Archylte SteppeField
Dust to DustField

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Song TitleStage Type
The Land BreathesBattle
Fallen AngelBattle
Torn from the HeavensBattle
Under the WeightBattle
To the SunField
On Westerly WindsField

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Song TitleStage Type
Battle 1Battle
Battle 2Battle

Final Fantasy Tactics

Song TitleStage Type
Ultima's TransformationBattle

Final Fantasy X-2

Song TitleStage Type
1000 WordsEvent
YRP, Fight! No. 1Battle
Let Me Blow You a KissBattle
Resting PlaceBattle
The Farplane AbyssField
We're the Gullwings!Field

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Song TitleStage Type
Moonless Starry NightEvent
Monster RondeBattle
United, Heaven-SentBattle
This Is the End for You!Battle
Sound of the WindField
Across the DivideField

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Song TitleSong Type
Advent: One-Winged AngelEvent
Those Who Fight (Piano Version)Battle
Divinity IIBattle
J-E-N-O-V-A (AC Version)Battle
Cloud SmilesField

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Song TitleSong Type
CRISIS CORE Theme - Dreams and HonorEvent
The SOLDIER WayBattle
The Price of FreedomBattle
Timely Ambush (from FFVII 'Let the Battles Begin!')Field
A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII 'Aerith's Theme')Field

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Song TitleSong Type
Dungeon Hero X's ThemeBattle
Raffaello BattleBattle
Guardian of the Dark IIBattle

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Song TitleSong Type
The Troops' AdvanceBattle
The Decisive Battle - arrangement - from FINAL FANTASY VIBattle
DISSIDIA - ending -Battle
Keeping the PeaceField

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy

Song TitleSong Type
Lux ConcordiaeEvent
Cantata MortisBattle
Gate to the RiftField

Final Fantasy Type-0

Song TitleSong Type
We Have ComeEvent
War: Warrior Worth a ThousandBattle
War: The White WeaponBattle
Vermillion FireBattle
The Earth Under Our FeetField
Tempus FinisField

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Song TitleSong Type
Warrior GoddessEvent
The Last HunterBattle
Etro's ChampionBattle
Heart of ChaosBattle
Historia CruxField
Groovy ChocoboField
Noel's Theme - Final Journey -Field

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Song TitleSong Type
Savior of SoulsEvent
Crimson BlitzBattle
Lightning ReturnsBattle
The Glittering City of YusnaanField
The Dead DunesField

Final Fantasy Series

Column HeadColumn Head
The Chaos Shrine - TFFCC BMS Arrangement - From FFBattle

DLC released in NA/EU

Song TitleSong TypeSource
Battle 2BattleFinal Fantasy V
Roses of MayFieldFinal Fantasy IX
Blitz Off!BattleFinal Fantasy X
Library of AncientsFieldFinal Fantasy V
Shuffle or BoogieBattleFinal Fantasy VIII
Tough Battle #2BattleFinal Fantasy XI
Kuon: Memories of Waves and LightFieldFinal Fantasy X-2
Crazy ChocoboFieldFinal Fantasy XIII-2
Protect the Espers!BattleFinal Fantasy VI
Battle 1 - arrangement - from Final Fantasy IXBattleDissidia Final Fantasy
Promised GraceFieldFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Aerith's Theme (Piano Version)FieldFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Battle Theme ABattleFinal Fantasy II
Good King Moggle Mog XIIBattleFinal Fantasy XIV
Thunder PlainsFieldFinal Fantasy X
Canto Mortis -an Undocumented Battle-FieldDissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy
PremonitionBattleFinal Fantasy VIII
Pop-Up DuelBattleFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
Ovelia's ThemeFieldFinal Fantasy Tactics
Vivi's ThemeFieldFinal Fantasy IX
Coup de GraceBattleRomancing SaGa
Encounter with the Seven HeroesBattleRomancing SaGa 2
Devil Lord Confrontation IBattleRomancing SaGa 3
Horrible ShadowFieldRomancing SaGa
Advent: One-Winged AngelBattleFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Last OrderBattleFinal Fantasy VII: Last Order
Another MoonFieldFinal Fantasy IV
Iifa, the Ancient Tree of LifeFieldFinal Fantasy IX
The Bevelle UndergroundFieldFinal Fantasy X-2
Locke's ThemeBattleFinal Fantasy VI
Leviathan BattleBattleFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
The Imperial ArmyFieldFinal Fantasy II
Today Comes To Be TomorrowFieldFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Via PurificoFieldFinal Fantasy X
Balamb GARDENFieldFinal Fantasy VIII
Chocobo ThemeFieldFinal Fantasy II
Beyond the WastelandBattleFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
A New Horizon - Tavnazian ArchipelagoFieldFinal Fantasy XI
The ChaseFieldFinal Fantasy VII
We Have ComeBattleFinal Fantasy Type-0
Precipitous CombatBattleFinal Fantasy Tactics
Ipsen's CastleField

Final Fantasy IX


Final Fantasy III

Nascent RequiemBattle

Final Fantasy XIII

Melodies ErrantBattle

Final Fantasy XI

Phon CoastField

Final Fantasy XII

The OathField

Final Fantasy VIII

Rufus's Welcoming CeremonyField

Final Fantasy VII

Battle in the Forgotten CityBattle

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Iron ColossusBattle

Final Fantasy XI

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