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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is a sequel to the original Theatrhythm for the Nintendo 3DS. The game features over 200 songs, sixty playable characters, and tracks and characters from a wider selection of games from the Final Fantasy franchise including the main series and spin-offs. Curtain Call features all of the tracks and characters included in the original Theatrhythm.

Titles Represented

In addition to the first thirteen main series Final Fantasy titles represented in the original game, Curtain Call also features music and characters from:

The following games are confirmed to feature tracks as DLC:

Romancing SaGa tracks are seeing inclusion as a way to celebrate the SaGa franchise's twenty-fifth anniversary.

Track List

The following songs have been confirmed to appear in Curtain Call:

Final Fantasy

Song TitleStage Type
Battle SceneBattle
Mid-Boss BattleBattle
Last BattleBattle
Main ThemeField
Cornelia CastleField
Opening ThemeField/Event
Matoya's CaveField
Mount GulgField
Sunken ShrineField

Final Fantasy II

Song TitleStage Type
Battle Scene 1Battle
The Rebel ArmyBattle/Event
Battle Scene 2Battle
Main ThemeField
Tower of the MagiField

Final Fantasy III

Song TitleStage Type
Battle 1Battle
Battle 2Battle
This is the Last BattleBattle
Crystal CaveField
Eternal WindField
The Boundless OceanField
Elia, the Maiden of WaterField/Event
Let Me Know the TruthField
The Crystal TowerField
Doga and Unne's MansionField

Final Fantasy IV

Song TitleStage Type
Battle 1Battle
Battle 2Battle
Battle with the Four FiendsBattle
The Final BattleBattle
The Red WingsField
Main Theme of Final Fantasy IVField
Troian BeautyField
Tower of ZotField
The AirshipField
Within the GiantField
Theme of LoveField/Event

Final Fantasy V

Song TitleStage Type
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VBattle
Battle 1Battle
Clash on the Big BridgeBattle
The Decisive BattleBattle
The Final BattleBattle
Four HeartsField
Home, Sweet HomeField/Event
Mambo de ChocoboField
The AirshipField
A New WorldField
In Search of LightField

Final Fantasy VI

Song TitleStage Type
Battle ThemeBattle
The Decisive BattleBattle
Battle to the DeathBattle
Dancing MadBattle
Terra's ThemeField
Edgar & Sabin's ThemeField
Celes's ThemeField/Event
The Airship BlackjackField
Searching for FriendsField
Kefka's TowerField

Final Fantasy VII

Song TitleStage Type
Let the Battles Begin!Battle
Fight On!Battle
Aerith's ThemeBattle/Event
One-Winged AngelBattle
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VIIField
Gold SaucerField
Cosmo CanyonField
The Highwind Takes to the SkiesField
Judgment DayField

Final Fantasy VIII

Song TitleStage Type
The Man with the Machine GunBattle
Don't Be AfraidBattle
Force Your WayBattle
Maybe I'm a LionBattle
The ExtremeBattle
Blue FieldsField
Find Your WayField
Waltz for the MoonField/Event
Fisherman's HorizonField
The CastleField
Ride OnField
Ending ThemeField

Final Fantasy IX

Song TitleStage Type
Festival of the HuntBattle
Battle 1Battle
Battle 2Battle
Swords of FuryBattle
Something to ProtectBattle
Darkness of EternintyBattle
The Final BattleBattle
Not AloneField
Over the HillField
Behind the DoorField/Event
Not AloneField
Dark City TrenoField
Aboard the Hilda GardeField
Melodies of Life ~ Final FantasyField

Final Fantasy X

Song TitleStage Type
Fight With SeymourBattle
Normal BattleBattle
Other WorldBattle
A Contest of AeonsBattle
The Final BattleBattle
To ZanarkandField
Spira UnpluggedField
Movement in GreenField
Servants of the MountainField
A Fleeting DreamField
Mi'ihen HighroadField
SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't it Wonderful?)Field/Event

Final Fantasy XI

Song TitleStage Type
Vana'diel MarchField
Heavens TowerField
The Sanctuary of Zi'TahField
Battle ThemeBattle
FFXI Opening ThemeBattle/Event
Fighters of the CrystalBattle

Final Fantasy XII

Song TitleStage Type
The Royal City of Rabanastre/TownField
Ward Upper StratumField
Giza PlainsField
The Dalmasca EstersandField
The Mosphoran HighwasteField
Theme of the EmpireField/Event
Final Fantasy ~FFXII Version~Battle
Boss BattleBattle
Battle with an EsperBattle
Life and DeathBattle
The Battle for FreedomBattle
Ending MovieBattle

Final Fantasy XIII

Song TitleStage Type
The Gapra WhitewoodField
March of the DreadnoughtsField
The Sunleth WaterscapeField
The Archylte SteppeField
Dust to DustField
Blinded By LightBattle
Saber's EdgeBattle
Defiers of FateBattle/Event
Desperate StruggleBattle
Fighting FateBattle

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Song TitleStage Type
To the SunField
On Westerly WindsField
Serene ForestField
Beat of the EarthBattle
Fallen AngelBattle
Power Descending From HeavenBattle
Under the WeightBattle


Song TitleStage TypeSource
J-E-N-O-V-A (Advent Children Version)BattleFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Those Who FightBattleFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Advent: One Winged AngelEventFinal Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Timely AmbushFieldCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
EncounterBattleCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
The Price of FreedomBattleCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
KUON: Memories of Waves and LightFieldFinal Fantasy X-2
Let Me Blow You a KissBattleFinal Fantasy X-2
YRP, Fight No. 1BattleFinal Fantasy X-2
1000 WordsBattleFinal Fantasy X-2
The Last HunterBattleFinal Fantasy XIII-2
Warrior GoddessEventFinal Fantasy XIII-2
Crimson BlitzBattleLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Savior of SoulsEventLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
We Have ArrivedEventFinal Fantasy Type-0
TrisectionBattleFinal Fantasy Tactics
AntipyreticBattleFinal Fantasy Tactics
Across the DivideFieldFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
DISSIDIA -opening-BattleDissidia Final Fantasy

Confirmed as DLC

Song TitleStage TypeSource
Horrible ShadowFieldRomancing SaGa
Four Demon Nobles Battle 1BattleRomancing SaGa 3


The three basic music stage types (Battle, Field, and Event) all make a return with some tweaks. For example, field stages now include airships. The game also includes a new two-player competitive mode.

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