Capcom and Konami should get in on this

#1 Posted by Fobwashed (2585 posts) -

Playing this reminds me of how awesome and memorable game music used to be when games had to have catchy melodies. I'd pay good money to play this style of game through say the history of Megaman, Castlevania and Tecmo's old Ninja Gaiden games. I can still hum my favorite tunes from those games decades later while as for current games... I guess I know the Halo theme =P though, this nostalgia would only hit my age range and prolly wouldn't be as huge towards the younger crowds. I'm still sorta wow'ed when I think that there are people who's first final fantasy was 7. And I feel downright bad for anyone wo got into it at 13.

#2 Posted by Washa_Endrya (24 posts) -

I was thinking the same thing about the possibilities of this turning into a franchise. Imagine a Metal Gear, Castlevania, Mario, or Zelda game like this.

#3 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4951 posts) -

Give me a beat em up music rhythm game. That genre always had the catchiest and my personal favorite music. Streets of Rage series and some TMNT among others would just be the best.

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Let's have it on iphone while we're at it.

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