Theatrhythm Demo

#1 Posted by Maystack (930 posts) -

Anyone else played this yet? I actually thought it was pretty fun. I couldn't help thinking of guitar hero while playing it. It's that similar. The game isn't too easy either. I failed miserably on expert. Just like Guitar Hero! The one thing I don't really like the look of is the character art. It's too chibi for me.

#2 Posted by Rinkalicous (1362 posts) -

@Maystack: Oh hey there, Stranger

Played the demo today and thought it was awesome. It's basically a slightly more basic Elite Beat Agents but with Final Fantasy music. I'm hoping the songs in the game will get a bit harder than what was offered in the demo, as my Elite Beat Skillz kicked in and I cruised through both songs fairly easily (though the FF8 one took me multiple tries).

Either way I preordered it. It scratched my Elite Beat itch pretty darn nicely, thanks, so it'll be a nice stopgap 'till the next game in that series is announced (that's going to happen, right?).

#3 Posted by Ace829 (2106 posts) -

The demo is out? I couldn't find it in the eShop.

#4 Posted by kerse (2205 posts) -

Where is this demo? I'm a sucker for final fantasy music so ill probably love it.

#5 Posted by Blind_Evil (320 posts) -

@kerse: He's probably in Europe. For whatever reason it was out there but not North America.

#6 Posted by Rinkalicous (1362 posts) -

@Ace829: @kerse: @Blind_Evil: Yeah, the demo is on the European eShop.

#7 Posted by believer258 (13212 posts) -

Final Fantasy music rhythm game...

OH! I remember it now. I'd completely forgotten about this.

#8 Posted by Clairabel (178 posts) -

I played the demo too, it's so darn cute! And quite a challenge actually too, I really enjoyed it.

#9 Posted by ninkendo (156 posts) -

Still $30 at if you preorder so I snapped that up since it's the last day before it releases.

#10 Posted by BBQBram (2431 posts) -

Loved it. Not quite Rhythm Heaven, but it's close.

#11 Posted by Contrarian (1205 posts) -

@Rinkalicous said:

@Ace829: @kerse: @Blind_Evil: Yeah, the demo is on the European eShop.

I have both a USA and Pal 3DS and find it odd what is on one but not the other. I think Heroes of Ruin is on PAL but not USA as well. I was also surprised how differently the sShops are set up. The Pal one is better.

As for the demo, haven't tried it, but descriptions here of Elite Beat Agents make me think I am going to like it a lot. It might seem an odd fit for Final Fantasy, but combining two things I like is very appealing.

#12 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5009 posts) -

There will never be an Elite Beat Agents 2: Electric Boogaloo.

#13 Posted by liako21 (561 posts) -

gamespot gave this a 7.5. i dont understand their reviews anymore. personally the 5 star system works best.

#14 Posted by gunningyoudown (74 posts) -

This may be abit late but I got Theatrhythm about two weeks ago and i loved it. It is cute with the chibi characters and plenty of songs from final fantasy over the years.

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