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Tapping Our Way Down Memory Lane 0

We all have our favorites. Whether it's "Aerith's Theme" or "Defiers Of Fate", no other video game series connects on an audible level the way Final Fantasy does. You might hate the gameplay in XII or dislike the voice acting in X, but one constant remains true throughout the twenty five year history of this giant franchise...the music stays with you. Nearly thirteen years after beating Final Fantasy VIII, I can still, on cue, hum the battle victory theme. It only makes sense then, for Square En...

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An Amalgamation of Awesome! V.5 0

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a Rhythm game based solely on that you should know where you stand with whether you want to purchase this game. Since we have halved our readership let's go ahead and delve into this Anthology/Homage/Rhythm/RPG game.If you are going to do a Rhythm game based on themes from a Video Game Final Fantasy is a great bet, its catalog is extensive and rich with amazing compositions. Now a lot of people will claim that this genre is dead or dying, I truly believe that we are...

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A unique but fun, addicting combination 0

Back in the before time, the long long ago that was summer of 2011, a little developer by the name of Square Enix announced a Final Fantasy game the likes of which no one had ever imagined, or even knew what to make of.Theatrhythm, a name as bizarre as its concept, was apparently a title that would feature music and characters from all 13 main numbered Final Fantasy games.The weird thing was that the game play would be entirely music based. Other than a few screenshots, not much else was known, ...

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A Final Fantasy Music Lovers Dream Come True 0

I'll sum it up simply: If you are a longtime lover of Final Fantasy soundtracks, you are going to love this game. Even if you aren't a huge fan of rhythm games such as Elite Beat Agents, this game packs enough FF nostalgia to hook you fast. To compare to Dissidia, clearly another FF fan service title, this game offers all the same great nostalgia with a better core game mechanic. What really struck me through playing this game is how consistently amazing the FF music has been over the course of ...

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Final Fantasy music is pretty awesome 0

I played a lot of Theatrhythm, and while the game isn't prefect (for example I wish you didn't have to unlock the hardest difficulty settings or that playing without the RPG part didn't make your score better, thus pushing you to NOT use the RPG part of the game), it has enough to offer to make you play the same songs over and over again, and rewards you when you do so with trophies and collectible cards. My main problem with the game ? The fact that the "game" part feel incidental to my enjoyme...

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Dissidia Cross DDR Compilation Album 2

For RPG fans, the score of most Final Fantasy games is appropriately orchestral and exciting. Through the whole franchise, main theme music and battle hymns follow similar musical patterns, but actually feature different styles that have always fit into the context of the game's characters - ranging from the manic Dancing Mad when fighting Kefka in Final Fantasy VI to the futuristic sound of The Man With The Machine Gun in Final Fantasy VIII. Until now, for fans of the songs in these games, ther...

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