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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a Rhythm game based solely on that you should know where you stand with whether you want to purchase this game. Since we have halved our readership let's go ahead and delve into this Anthology/Homage/Rhythm/RPG game.

If you are going to do a Rhythm game based on themes from a Video Game Final Fantasy is a great bet, its catalog is extensive and rich with amazing compositions. Now a lot of people will claim that this genre is dead or dying, I truly believe that we are finally out of the rut of Rhythm and are now seeing innovations in this still fairly new genre.

Theatrhythm is framed inside a familiar premise with Chaos and Cosmos waging war and in between them is the Rhythm and the Rhythm Crystal that must be restored to splendor by you and your chosen party of Final Fantasy Protagonists. To restore the Crystal you must collect Rhythmia Points which are rewarded for doing almost anything in the game.

When you start the game you will only be able to choose Series Mode from there you must pick your party of 4 consisting of any combination of the main characters from Final Fantasy I-XIII. The inclusion of XI and exclusion of XIV is interesting to say the least. After you have chosen your party members you choose the title you want to tackle (such as Final Fantasy VII or X).

Each of the series' are broken into 5 parts: Intro, EMS, FMS, BMS, Outro. The intro and outro songs are usually opening and ending themes from the respective games, these modes are only for you to gain extra Rhythmia points as it only consists of you tapping the bottom screen while notes hit the center of a crystal on the top screen. These are skip-able as they don't reward experience points or items. Depending on the Title you chose the order of EMS, FMS, and BMS can be completely different. Now let's go into each of these modes:

EMS (Event Music Stage): An Event (Video of Gameplay or CGI cutscenes) plays on the top screen to the music. These have severely dynamic paths for the notes to land on as the track line shapes randomly on the top screen. Tap, Tap&Hold&Release, and Flick are utilized equally here. This for most will be the hardest type to do. Event section prolongs the song and video, failing will end the stage early.

FMS (Field Music Stage): Your character will walk along a field on the top screen. Tap, Flick are used regularly. Field is the only stage type that requires you move the stylus up and down in line with the track when performing a Tap&Hold&Release. The Event Section turns you into a Chocobo so you sprint farther on the field screen, this allows for higher chance of collecting items. This one will be the easiest for most.

BMS (Battle Music Stage): Just like an old-school final fantasy game this type has four track lines, only one note will come at a time, but differing tracks can confuse the mind. The Event Section of this triggers a summon if you succeed, where all 4 tracks turn into 1 track and allows for a quick kill on the enemy providing you succeed. This is the most fast paced, but only moderate difficulty, this does have the largest spike when doing larger difficulties though.

Once you have completed at least one of the series mode titles you unlock Challenge mode where you can take on individual songs at higher difficulty.

One of the largest gripes right now from critics is that the RPG elements are non-existent or don't add anything, they actually do add a decent bit, but the changes are so minute and gradual that unless you are truly paying attention they can come off as non-existent.


Tap - Tap the stylus on the bottom screen

Flick - Tap and flick the stylus across the bottom screen

Tap&Hold&Release - Tap the touch screen hold it down and release to end the note

Track - The line in which the notes appear on

This is an overly extensive review and will be updated regularly with more in-depth explanations.


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