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Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most active U.S. Presidents. Every since childhood he suffered from asthma, but he did not let that keep him down. He often went on safaris, hunting excursions, and enjoyed horseback riding. He took part in the Spanish-American War as part of the "Rough Riders".

 The bigger they are...
 The bigger they are...
After Roosevelt's presidency, he selected William Howard Taft to be his successor and left for Africa to go on a safari. While he was away, Taft consistently angered the Republican party and was successful in essentially shattering it due to several dumb mistakes, like signing the Payne-Aldrich tariff (which he claimed was the best bill the Republican party ever signed).  When Roosevelt returned, the people begged him to run for President again. He did so with the newly formed Progressive or Bull Moose party to fight against Republican Taft and Democrat Woodrow Wilson. 
During this election campaign, Roosevelt was shot by an assassin, a deranged troubled saloon-keeper from New York named John Schrank, while campaigning in Milwaukee. The bullet entered his chest, but the impact was lessened by his 50 page speech and his metal glasses. Afterward, he continued with his speech and proclaimed  "It takes more than one bullet to bring down a Bull Moose". He proceeded to the hospital and made a full recovery. 
He eventually died on January 6, 1919 after suffering a massive heart attack after a long period of illness.

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