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Jeanette and Therese Voerman appear initially to be twins, but in reality they are the same person.

Therese is the owner of the Asylum nightclub and the self-proclaimed Baroness of Santa Monica. She resents her sister Jeanette for her flamboyance and promiscuity (despite being a vampire and technically undead). At the Asylum, Jeanette handles PR while Therese takes care of the business end. Jeanette makes a point of flirting with everyone including the player, while Therese works hard to attain power and the favour of the Camarilla. She is a Malkavian with pretensions to be a Ventrue (visible in her affected distaste of the Nosferatu).

When the player meets her she is in a feud with Bertram Tung, a Nosferatu elder, that the player must persuade her to call off. She is constantly working to gain power, developing business deals such as the Ocean House Hotel and holding a high-profile auction of valuable paintings of Caine at the Gallery Noir.

Ultimately it is revealed that Therese and Jeanette are one and the same: two personalities inside one scrambled Malkavian mind. Therese is implied to be the original personality and if the player persuades Jeanette and Therese to co-exist, the resulting personality is referred to in the game files as "Tourette", an amalgam of Therese and Jeanette's names.

The player can sleep with Jeanette during later stages of the game if he or she is always nice to Jeanette and gives her the pendant from the Ocean House Hotel (note: doing this will cause the failure of the quest).

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