Do I remember playing this in third person?

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I originally played Thief: Deadly Shadows on the Xbox but for whatever reason there was a glitch that stopped me from progressing the story and I didn't want to go back and replay the whole game again. Well I've now picked it up on Steam for $2.50 or whatever it was. While I still love the game, I seem to remember it being in third person? Was that a console only thing, or is there an option to change it on the PC version? I prefer stealth games from a third person view, and I swear I thought this title was in third person view. I've gone through the options and I don't see anywhere to change it.

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Press V.

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HA! That simple huh? Thanks a lot.

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I'm confused as to whether classify this as an epic fail or not...

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" I'm confused as to whether classify this as an epic fail or not... "

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