Thief is Coming Back on Next-Gen Consoles (and PC)

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The fourth game in the Thief series, simply titled Thief, is coming next year for PC, PlayStation 4 and "next-gen consoles," (aka whatever Microsoft calls the next Xbox) the latest Game Informer confirms.

Rumors of a new Thief game from Eidos Montreal have circulated for years, but as goes the realm of the AAA video game, nothing’s official until it finally appears on the cover of Game Informer.

I’m told Square Enix and Eidos Interactive were close to revealing Thief years ago, but it was a bit rough, and chose to spend a few more years developing the game, allowing Deus Ex: Human Revolution to remain in the spotlight. Given the huge response to Deus Ex, it seems like the right move now.

I’m now acutely reminded that I’ve never played Thief: Deadly Shadows because of my reaction to Deus Ex: Invisible War, despite the overwhelming praise I’ve heard for a horror section known as The Cradle. Maybe now is the time to fix that mistake...

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Fucking yes!!!

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Fuck yeah!

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Fantastic news!

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Year of the Bow lives on.

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Well at least "Thief" is better than "Thi4f"

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Why wasn't it called Thi4f. :(

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If Patrick hasn't played The Cradle and calls himself a fan of horror then he needs to play it asap.

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Eidos back in form, got to love it! British development yo!

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Let me be the first to say: Yay!

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Maybe they'll decide to actually have some verticallity (if that is even a word) in the level design this time. The lack there of as well as the number of loading screens really ruined Thief 3 for me personally.

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That cover art is sick.

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Neat. I could never get into the previous Thief games but I always loved them in concept. Hopefully this will be the one to do it.

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Hopefully the game will prove worthy of its predecessors.

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Looks more like Thief Deadly Shadows then it does Thief 2. Not necessarily a bad thing but there's a certain...way that D2 plays that DS didn't Same thing I thought with Deus Ex and Human Revolution. Had it's heart in the right place but not so sure if it really nailed it.

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Stealth? More like Suckealth, amirite or amirite?

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Mr Patrick Klepek, you sir, are a console fan boy!!! If nextgen consoles are just pc inside, then why is PC mention last???

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Unexpected! Awesome!

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If the Human Revolution team can work their magic into this I will be a happy taffer!

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@ansys: It's not though is it? :-p

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Do you mean Thief or Thi4f?

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I love that devs and publishers are now starting to finally announce their next gen games.

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That is a very nice girdle he is wearing.

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For the love of god, make this a proper stealth game then...Dishonored already gave me some mild Thief vibes in certain levels, so I hope this will do that around 10 times better.

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I... kinda wanted them to make another Deus Ex game.

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Thief 1 and 2 are among the best games ever made and even Deadly shadows had some amazing moments, can't tell you how stoked I am for another Thief game.

Screenshots over here!

If this game is a launch title I am buying a next gen console day 1.

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YAY!!!!! I love the thief games! I have been waiting for this since deadly shadows!

Garret is a badass

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Water Arrow!

I've never played any of the games but I am interested in this.

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The Cradle is not worth playing Thief 3 for, sorry.

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First we gotta see how many QTE are in there.

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Patrick, do yourself a favour if you haven't already and play the original, of all the people at GiantBomb I think you are the most likely to deeply appreciate one of the most unrivalled achievements of atmosphere in games.

On topic though, this doesn't quite look like the Thief I know and love (I know it's only just one bit of pre-release art) I don't know why I thought it would be at this point but hey, I'm just worried they're gonna turn it into an Assassins Creed-type affair which I'm sure some would welcome, I sure as hell wouldn't.

If there's Keepers, Hammers and Pagans all over the place then that could more than sway me though.

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Umm....Mr. Klepek, putting a PC classic like Thief in brackets and to the side will only make your day worse.

Although I get the joke, I'm not quite so sure others will find it to terribly funny(a lot of humorless fanboys out there).

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So much has changed (even in just the last few years) with stealth-action games, so I'm curious to see what they absorb from recent developments and what new stuff they're going to bring to the table. For all its minor flaws, Dishonored really managed to shake things up a bit on the stealth front. Perhaps we might see some refined version of some of those mechanics--verticality, in particular, but also that feeling of speed and precision that the game gives you. Not that I want Thief to be all about first-person platforming, but it was damned fun in Dishonored and I wouldn't mind a different take on it. It's good to see a reboot for the franchise coming to next-gen consoles.

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So I'm all positive about the game, then I see this over at Gamespot:

"...the City is broiling with social tension as it is ravaged by a plague..."

Okay, okay, let's hope they're not stealing (thieving?) too much from Dishonored. But this sort of thing starts to make me worry.

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I may have actually squealed hearing this news

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Glad to finally hear news on this game!

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I'm wet

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I've never played Thief but the premise looks promising. What's up with the Cradle stuff? Does Thief have horror elements in it?

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Brb guys, gonna go club my taffer, if you know what I mean.

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Let's hope they continue the series heavy emphasis on stealth.

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i really enjoyed the thief series... these screenshots don't really offer that old dark vibe the series was known for.

it never took place in the day.

the fuck is with garrett wearing the whole ninja thing?


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@tangoup said:

I've never played Thief but the premise looks promising. What's up with the Cradle stuff? Does Thief have horror elements in it?

Yeah, that cradle section had some pretty creepy atmosphere. Very memorable too, I haven't played Deadly Shadows since it was originally released back in 2003, but I still remember portions of that game very fondly.

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Fucking finally!

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They did well by Deus Ex, I have some faith to spare for Eidos right now.

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