Eidos Confirms Thief 4

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#51 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -
Forget Thief 4... give me Gex 4, Eidos!
#52 Posted by MiamiRedHawks (928 posts) -

God I hate when people spell words with numbers. At least we'll get to see stealth action at its finest.

#53 Posted by s10129107 (1410 posts) -

I hope so much they don't balls up this game.  I loved all the thief series.  I'm already worried from the title.  You can't just replace any letter with any number. 
or how about just THIEF 4 DAMN IT 
or better yet it's been long enough since the original games in the thief series to just call it Thief. 
I'm also worried that while the original games were totally awesome in their time that the gameplay is totally antiquated now.  I don't know how it will be to go back to a super stealth game.  Can we make excuses anymore for guards who give up searching for you after 35 seconds....   

#54 Posted by Marz (5884 posts) -

That is sweet news, Thief series is a favorite of mine :)

#55 Posted by chrisplyons@gmail.com (14 posts) -

How have I only just heard about this now? Are most people now as crazy for the thief series as I am? OH and another question, in the Bioshock Infinite trailer is the main character not the voice of Garret?

#56 Posted by Ryax (4580 posts) -

thats cool and all. 
but where is the hitman game?!

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