THIEF 4 IMAGE!! + [New Details]

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Breaking News: Thief Image!

Also, the 4 is now dropped its now just: Thief.

Kotaku: Spectacular Thief 4 Images Leak On Russian Site

[Why do I get most of my stuff on Kotaku? I guess they're just fucking good..]

Next-consoles, I guess. ~ Fuck this looks cool!! ~ And this looks like it can totally compete against Assassins' and Dishonored. : O.... [Shit looks dope!]

Edit: Alright I put up a GameInformer teaser-interview.

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Game Informer: April Cover Revealed: Thief

Thief will be on the April issue of Game Informer, and just like every issue, they will have articles and more coverage throughout the month about the game. ~ And I don't wanna discredit my laziness, here. @Nilazz put up more images from the Russian site. [Post Number 3]

Edit 2: I finally found a refreshingly detailed article 'bout this. Destructoid reports:

Like Hitman: Absolution's Instinct ability, Focus is Thief's way of letting the player navigate the environment and get out of combat encounters. Focus highlights interactive objects, pipes you can climb and candles that can be extinguished. Focus can also stun or kill enemies, depending on how much is used in combat. Bones crack [..] Focus can be upgraded after a mission, along with supplies and equipment, giving a greater radius to its effect. Stealing objects and pickpocketing refills the ability's resources, but Eidos said it is still playtesting this. [..]

Other new additions include a navigation beacon, a lockpicking mini-game, [..] a throwable grapple (the Claw) that replaces the rope arrows, and advanced AI and NPC crowds (a la Assassin's Creed).

Thief will do away with the magical elements, including undead and other fantasy creatures.

Destructoid: Thief's focus ability will change how stealth works

I'm looking forward to stupidly big NPC crowds. ~ Fact is, this is for next-gen systems and PC only. So, they sure don't have to share any art-asset compatibility, like Ubisoft stuff seems to be doing this year. : )

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Confirmed for Game Informer April Cover! Psyched!

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Even more screenshots! Looks really good I have to say.

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This has been one of my most anticipated games since it was announced in 2009. Hope it turns out well.

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@nilazz: Oh shit!-Oh shit!-Oh-shit! ~ Thanks!

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I've never played Thief, but these pictures give me my Dishonored boner back.

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They dropped the 4? That sucks. The only reason I was remotely interested in the game was because of the dumb spelling of "Thi4f".

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Can't wait to go around stabbing fools in the darkness!

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Never played the originals but this looks cool. I'll look forward to "Teef."

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I do hope there is a nifty sci-fi explanation for that anachronistic compound bow there. Granted Thief has had robots, so I guess all bets are off on the tech in this universe. The developers are certainly saying the right things in that trailer. Positives noises, very positive. :)

@nilazz said:

Can't wait to go around stabbing fools in the darkness!

What's stopping you now? :D
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Neve played one of these games. I love stealth games so maybe ill keep this on the radar

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pretty! always wanted to play one of these but way back when it didn't work on my PC and i never went back to it.

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About 30 people went "yay"

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Its funny though, because their only competitors are: rabid Thief Series fans, and Dishonored. ~ Assassin's Creed just does something different now.

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If Dishonored didn't exist this would look amazing and breath-taking. God damn it.

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@fattony12000: Fuck!, that's good.

These are the only Thief 4 images I could find from '09, and probably before.

I think I remember another one, where you're in a crowd, and you're climbing up something. I still need to find it.

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Hello Dishonored........

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Can't wait. Gonna kick people so far off the tallest roofs.. ~ Ohmm..

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I'm so glad this game is still alive, I was afraid it was cancelled or put on hold indefinitely. I loved the Thief games back in the day, and I can't wait to see how this turns out. I might buy a PS4 for this game.

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Anyone here heard of Outlast? I read on a post that some of the people from Eidos Montreal left to work on this game and both games are done in Unreal 3. You can see in a few of those screenshots (like the still in the video on the OP) how Garrett's hands can be seen touching walls as he leans around them. If the same guys worked on Thief, this may mean we will get a real 1st person body like in Mirror's Edge or Dark Messiah, but pushed much further. Outlast does the same thing and it's a pretty nice effect:

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