Who is Planning on Picking This up?

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This seems to be one of the first major releases of 2014 yet I feel like it's sort of going unnoticed. I'm sort of getting a bad feeling about it.

Anyone else feel this way? Who is planning on picking this up at release?

It's only coming a week or two before the March storm of releases hits. I don't want to miss out on any big games this year. I feel like this game doesn't have a lot of hype around it though and might just fall of peoples radar and go unnoticed and overshadowed by other games.

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A code for it came with the last videocard I bought, not sure if I would have bought it otherwise, but I will be giving it a shot.

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I think so. i'm down to try it. If it gets a solid B, it'll be fine..

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Greenmangaming has it for $31.50 with the discount code (QZSS7N-M1YDMG-F9LFFQ).

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I'll get it for the PS4 since I haven't got too many games for it but I might hold off till the reviews start coming in.

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I'd like to, but I'll wait for the reviews. What I've heard and seen so far hasn't impressed me.

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Not really sure. I'll wait and see the word of mouth before I make a decision. I've never played any of the Thief games so I don't really have any expectations.

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I got a 30 percent off code the other day but I'm probably not gonna buy it. I was vaguely interested when it had leveling up and stuff, but since that's gone now my interest is pretty much gone. And since it's a Square Enix game, it'll probably be on sale for like 5 dollars in a couple months anyway.

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It comes out in a month and I haven't seen a shred of gameplay and hardly any press. I have faith in this studio to make a good game, since DE:HR was one of my favorite games from last gen, but the lack of any sort of pre-release buzz is off-putting. I certainly hope it turns out good, because I really want something new to play.

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I'm part of the Waitandsee tribe.

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I have an unreasonable hatred for this series because there was one time I went to save while playing Thief: Deadly Shadows, and the game crashed when I clicked on the save button, so I just lost several hours of play time. Bummed me out so bad I never played the game again.

So to answer the question. Assuming the game is stable, I might forgive the series and pick it up.

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Based on my love of Human Revolution, I am kinda excited for another reboot of a highly acclaimed series but I've heard quite a few negative things about the game, namely the troubled development over the years and Patrick saying that it looks bad (from the gameplay videos I've seen, I don't know why he is reacting so negatively, maybe it's because Thief is one of his favourite series and it doesn't feel like a Thief game?). I'm probably gonna wait until reviews are out before I make my decision, but if I do get it, it'll be on PS4 for them visuals that I can't get on my current PC.

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I'll definitely pick it up. I love the Thief games so I've been holding out hope that it'll be good. I'll probably even forego the PC version and pick it up on the Xbox One so that I actually have something to play on it.

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I started with a definite yes. I never played a Thief game, but Eidos Montreal made good on Deus Ex and I liked what I was seeing of this one.

Now I'm not entirely sure. I'll probably get it, but wait for reviews first.

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The more I see of that game, and the more I hear about it...I don't know. Might be good, hope it is, but I have little interest in it. Which is weird, I love stealth but something seems off...like when they were showing Batman Arkham Origins. I just have this sense its not going to be good.

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I'm not super interested in it, but hope it's good. I think I'll wait to see how people respond to it. I don't have any set expectations, given that I've barely played any of the original Thief games (I find it really hard to get into old PC games of the sort). Chances are I'll wind up picking it up at some point if it's a solid game, since I'll likely be looking for something to play on my PS4.

I'm waaaaaay more excited for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze hitting the week before. :P

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Yeah, I guess I will pick this up.


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pre-ordered it last year so will have it on the release day.

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I'm always down for some first-person stealth, and I like how it looks, so I'll probably get it.

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So far I am on the fence. I love the original games (Thief 2 is one of the best games ever made) and if they do key parts of this new one right I will get it. But so far it sounds like they might not have done that.
However, the devs seems to listen to feedback as they have changed and tweaked the game during development due to fan backlash. And Deus Ex: Human Revolution was awesome, so they know how to not fuck up the classics. So I guess I am leaning more on the "will probably get it" side, but not enough for me to pre-order it.

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Based on my love of Human Revolution, I am kinda excited for another reboot of a highly acclaimed series but I've heard quite a few negative things about the game, namely the troubled development over the years and Patrick saying that it looks bad (from the gameplay videos I've seen, I don't know why he is reacting so negatively, maybe it's because Thief is one of his favourite series and it doesn't feel like a Thief game?). I'm probably gonna wait until reviews are out before I make my decision, but if I do get it, it'll be on PS4 for them visuals that I can't get on my current PC.

I'm really curious about this, in previews it's been shown pretty poor.... but also, I'm not quite sure really specifically why outside of maybe early build jank or poorly scripted vertical slice. But Patrick isn't alone on this, I've seen more then 8 other outlets react the same way, those Preview events around fall of last year went bad.

I'm curious on this game on different levels, like the fan expectations, the original team moved on with Dishonored, also the first real big Push into new hardware and really the new Square Eidos really change from making games like Project Snowblind. I hope this is an interesting story to tell about video game development.

But also, I loved Deus Ex Human Revolution, I hope these guys can make a solid game even if it has flaws.

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I'll be picking it up for sure, it seems like a really solid reboot!

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I will, if it is really good. Over 200 hours into Battlefield 4 on PS4, I'm and it's ripe for something new. Albeit I might just hang on until March for Infamous and whatnot, and rather spend my time on my Vita backlog 'til then. Also - Second Assault is bound to come out any day now.

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<----This guy

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After Deus Ex HR, my hopes for this game are high. So far with one game and one DLC pack Eidos Montreal have proven themselves a kickass developer and Thief has a lot of fond memories for me. I realize that this won't be the same type of Thief, that style would be a little hard to go back to and things have evolved since then, but I'm open to it and can't wait.

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After Dishonorerd, The Last of Us & AC IV. I'm burned out on sneaking games. A pass for now.

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Been a fan of this series for a while, and I definitely need more games on my PS4 so I'll probably be giving this game a shot unless when the reviews come in and they are really horrible.

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I'm planning on waiting for reviews. Pre-ordering early doesn't seem to have any actual benefit for the end user and lucky for us Europeans the reviews are up quite far ahead of time for most releases.

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I bet Square Enix is banking on people buying this so people have something to play on their new consoles.

I'll wait for the reviews but my PS4 is getting lonely...

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I'm still interested in a stealth game like this. Just watched the Game Trailers preview and sounded and looked positive to me. I have still had hope even though it got negative press before, because I could imagine this coming along late in the development process.

Anyways, I think that swoop move looks really fun, makes for some fast paced stealth that looks pretty traditional to me.

Really interested and hopeful about the level design. This is where Deus Ex HR really fell flat to me and I hope they improve. Just like that was probably the biggest strength of Deus Ex, it was the biggest strength of Thief.

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Will wait for reviews.

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What I've seen of this game looks really bland and boring. So even though I like the franchise, wait and see how it's reviewed.

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Love the Thief series so while I'm a bit nervous about this one, I still want to get it. But since I don't have either an X1 or PS4, it looks like I'm gonna have to wait since I'd rather play it on the new consoles. Unless I hear really good things then maybe I'll just go ahead and get it for the 360.

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I put very little faith in old IP that hasn't been proven in the last few years. When this property was new they were the only game doing what that game was going. These days everyone is going a bit of "stealth traversal", so there are expectation about how the best way is to 'do' such game play. Eidos Montreal is a fine group of developers, they have a 'good' track record, but you cannot go off an old playbook for this game. Games have evolved you can't just make a Thief game anymore, unless Eidos can get a fresh angle or can perfect current convention for stealth, climbing and traversal they just won't make anything remarkable.

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I would need to hear tremendously great things about this game for me to be interested in it. As it is, it looks a lot like Dishonored and I thought that game was a real snoozefest

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I LOVE the Thief series, but I'm super hesitant about a reboot. I feel like this is a series that could very easily get fucked up.

But, then again, I thought the same with DE:HR, and that game kicked ass. Still, will probably wait a month or so until I can see enough footage to decide if its worth it.

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The "get-away action sequences" are a design decision that I don't necessarily agree with, but that's fine. I'll keep an open (read: hopeful) mind but at this point I think I'd be better off scratching that thief itch with The Dark Mod and fan missions instead.

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Getting it. Bought it already and for some reason after going through the first two AC games (yes, I still hadn't played them until now) and going through the three Thief games,
I'm not burned out yet...

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I'll watch a speed run of it in 2 years time.

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@mildmolasses: you might hate this game then. I'm really enjoying it, but I fucking hated dishonored in just about everyway.

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Pre-ordered the Master Thief Edition on GameFly for £22. I've heard real bad things about the cut scenes, both pre-rendered and in-game, the voice acting, the story etc. But the gameplay still looks tight to me, and I always manage to have fun in stealth games.

I know it's not going to be Thief 1 or 2, and I don't expect that.

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I might pick it up... illegally... when I steal it... like a thief...

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