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How to Get it

One of the most prominent rings in the game, it is first available at the start of the game. 

Boletarian Palace

  • At the top of the castle wall, you fight your first Blue Eye Knight. Go through the fog behind him.
  • Go down the stairs and look left.
  • Make sure you can see the area below, and run at the low wall. You will leap over it and land on the platform with the NPC, Ostrava.
  • To the right you will see the glowing yellow light of the Thief's Ring. Pick it up!

Patches the Hyena


Valley of Defilement

  • From the Leechmonger archstone, get to the first Fog Gate on the wooden planks.
  • Just on the other side of the Fog Gate, and before the path starts to go up, make a right and drop into the poison swamp.
  • Go right and slightly forward, you will see the glowing yellow light. That's not it!
  • Go to the next farthest one and you've got it.

How do I Use It?

The Thief's Ring can be one of the most useful items in the game. It is useful in probably every section of every world, and one boss is almost completely powerless against it.  
  • You will be harder to spot by other players, although equipment auras that are visible to you will also be visible to players, even when your body isn't.
  • You can run up behind any enemy in the game, regardless of Soul Tendency, and backstab them.
  • Enemies that previously chased you across the whole map will now turn back as soon as you turn a corner and stand still. Very useful against Red Eye Spear Knights.
  • You can sharp shoot a number of enemies without them being able to shoot you.
  • Far easier to lure enemies out one-by-one.
  • On the Old Hero Boss in the Shrine of Storms, you can easily run (not sprint!) all around him and not be seen.

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