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ThinkTanks has players control tanks in online multiplayer matches in four available game-modes, Battlemode (essentially deathmatch), Team Battlemode, Indie Scrum (soccer) and Team Scrum.  Players can also take part in solo play that features game-modes such as Target Practice and Quick Play, which spawns six bots on any given map that the player then fights against.
There are three different tanks to choose from: Light, Medium and Heavy.  The light tank is fastest yet has weak armor, while the heavy tank is the strongest of the three, but is also the slowest.  The medium tank balances everything out with both decent speed and armor.  All tanks can take advantage of power-ups scattered throughout each map that upgrades their weaponry or increases their speed.
Players also have the ability to customize their matches with options like Bot Configuration, which allows players to create custom battle scenarios, and Auto Drop that automatically removes bots as humans join the server. 

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