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This is Football was released in 1999 and developed by Sony's Soho Studios.The game had an official FIFPro license providing choice among 230 authentic teams and 20 authentic tournaments.
The game featured motion captured player animations and player likenesses. It was one of the first games to compete with FIFA head on in terms of authentic content.
Motion capture kick!
The featured tournaments included the authentically named World Cup, European Cup and Champions League.
It even featured commentary by legendary ITV commentator Clive Tyldesley in competition with EA's BBC commentator, John Motson.
Authenticity is the name of the game.

This Is Football's gameplay was quite smooth making this game a very playable alternative to EA's FIFA.
It also featured highly fleshed out edit and creation features allowing players to create custom tournaments and teams. Players could also save replays to the Playstation memory card to be viewed later.
This Is Football went on to be quite succesful spawed a sequel on the Playstation and even another sequel on the Playstation 2.
However, the lack of real innovation in the sequels prevented this franchise from fulfilling its potential.
This is Football was also ported to Sonys PSP under the name "World Tour Soccer:Challenge edition"

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