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In his days as a Shadow Marshal, Thomas Sinclair was tasked with aiding evacuees from the New Helghan side of The Wall. It is then that he came to know a boy by the name of Lucas Kellan, helping him and his father escape New Helghan. When Lucas' father is gunned down before him, just before making it over, Thomas takes it upon himself to raise the boy as his own. Under his guidance, Lucas becomes the youngest entrant into the Shadow Marshal program, and an elite member of same.

Cold and calculating in his older days as head of the Shadow Marshals, Thomas sees no option as off the table when dealing with the Helghast. He has little trouble calling for morally, or even legally questionable missions in the name of maintaining the Vektan people's peaceful way of life.

Unfortunately, he also has very little room for nuance. To him, every Helghast is an enemy, from Chancellor Visari to the lowliest of deportees. He believes there is no place for the Helghast on Vekta, and would just as soon throw the planet into war if it meant the end of New Helghan and its people. It is this inability to see the gray areas of the war that lead to his relationship with Lucas falling apart, to the point where he betrays Lucas in order to start up a new war.

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