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Tom is a Japanese-born American. He works at the hotel that Yuji owns at Okinawa. Tom volunteered as Shikanosuke's guide at Okinawa. He can fluently speak in Japanese, Okinawan dialect, and English. Tom's lean figure belied his considerable strength.

Early life

Tom was a loner when he was younger. American soldiers who visited his father's church decided to teach Tom martial arts so that he could defend himself. A few years later, Tom became a force to be reckoned with. He had a strong sense of justice and took it upon himself to wage a one-man war against the gangs of Okinawa.

Eventually, Tom realized that people were afraid of him because of his strength and aggression. He then decided to retire. Many people around Okinawa respected him.

Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

On Sarina's path, Tom served as Shikanosuke's guide around the hotel and Okinawa. On their day off, Shikanosuke asked Tom about interesting places that he and Sarina can visit. He suggested the 'Geisya' music club. Tom revealed that he visits the club often because he enjoys loud places and that the owner is a close friend.

Later during the barbecue, Shikanosuke discovered a shack on the island that was later revealed to belong to Higa. Shikanosuke explained that the shack housed a safe that Higa would not allow anyone to see. Tom became suspicious because he knew that Higa used to deal drugs around Okinawa.

Tom then confronted Higa. After a brief fight where Tom won, Higa opened the safe for him. It revealed to only contain music CDs.

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