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A Heartfelt Indie Treat 2

When it’s come to pushing forwards video games as a storytelling medium, a lot of the work in recent years has focused on building deeper human characters who have more nuanced and meaningful interactions with the people and universes around them. I have a huge respect for the developers who are making these endeavours, in fact I think it’s one of the most important things happening in video games right now, but it’s not the only way to create engrossing fiction. After all, if video games are st...

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Wheatley Was Alone 0

When I think about Thomas Was Alone I can’t help but think about one of my favourite games, Portal 2. At a base level both are very little as players solve puzzles to move from one stage to the next with a story presented by a seemly omnipresent narrator. But whereas Portal 2 is easily one of my favourite games, Thomas Was Alone falls flat and fails by comparison. In short, the gameplay feels tacked on and the story not entertaining enough to justify the lacklustre gameplay.Puzzle: Find a ...

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Thomas Was Alone, a game with terrific storytelling and shadows. 0

Thomas Was Alone takes its first steps, not gingerly as the minimalistic appearance would suggest, but refreshingly self-aware. From the opening narration by the phenomenal Danny Wallace “Thomas was alone. Wow. What a weird first thought to have.”, the personally aware tone is set with a series of naive, questioning observations. The consistent, individual display of a nudging desire to feel that questions have answers within attainable distance, and the persistent goal of togetherness met, by t...

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A short charming little game. 0

Platform: PC (Mouse and Keyboard)Time to Completion: 2.5 HoursDate Completed: January 3rd, 2013Chris just being Chris.Just like while playing a Civilization game where I'm always telling myself "Just one more turn" I was constantly finding myself saying "Just one more mission" while playing this game. It's able to do this with the games combination of simple in the right way puzzles, charming cast, and a story that kept me wanting to start the next mission just to get the next drip of story prog...

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Why Games Need Stories 0

In Thomas Was Alone, you control up to seven quadrilaterals with, as the narrator puts it, different relationships to gravity. Some jump higher, some jump lower, and some can even double jump. Some are tall, some are small, some are large, and some can float. You have to navigate every shape into its respective highlighted goal, using their abilities in tandem.The mechanics as developed in each new shape you encounter and each new level you must traverse have a steady, thoughtful progression for...

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A square deal. 0

Thomas Was Alone is an intriguing platformer with good writing and storytelling and an excellent soundtrack; however, some flaws in the execution of the mechanics left me feeling like the game could use some more detail work.The core mechanics are simple yet creative. A cast of twelve or so rectangles with different physics properties go "up and to the right" across ten worlds of ten levels each and their properties interact to give the player a wide array of interesting building blocks for plat...

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Absolutely delightful 0

Remember the old cliche that games will one day be like Pixar movies? Despite its simple appearance Thomas Was Alone is that game. I’m not talking about fancy graphics with individually rendered hair. I mean that Pixar can take an inanimate object like a small lamp and give it life. So it seems, can Mike Bithell (creator of Thomas Was Alone).You play as Thomas, an extremely observant, cheerful but above all lonely AI. He might just be represented in game by coloured quadrilateral but Thomas (an...

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Thomas Was Alone - PS4 0

Now, Thomas Was Alone, was a phenomenal title that I stumbled upon back in 2013 when it was released as a PS Plus title. I have to say I didn't expect much to begin with for a game just about shapes, but let me tell you I was surely not disappointed. Thomas Was Alone, makes great use of story telling and fun platforming that will continuously keep you going back. Thomas, is a represented by a red rectangle, and during his story he meets many others,Chris, James, Laura, and Claire. It is deep, r...

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A moving puzzle-platformer with great characterisation 0

Thomas Was Alone is one of the best games this year, and I have a review from ABC2’s Good Game to thank for its introduction to me. Thomas is distinctively a puzzle-platformer, and you’ll need both intelligence and skill to beat the game, though I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly difficult.The most immediate thing you’ll notice about it, aside from its minimalist (though beautiful) graphics, is the narration of Danny Wallace, who you might think sounds very similar toWheatley, from Portal 2, ...

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Simple Platformer With a Great Story 0

There’s no shortage of retro-styled indie platformers these days, so it often takes something a little extra to make one really stand out. In the case of Thomas Was Alone, the game uses a style that goes back all the way to the days of the first Atari where simple dots & blocks comprised the characters on the screen. The game has a simple conceit; get the characters to their exit doors. The controls are equally simple; Run left, run right, and jump. And the puzzle solutions are all rather si...

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