DS version actually looks interesting.

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First off, the DS version of the Thor game is nothing like the console version.  Instead it has been designed by WayForward (the Contra 4 guys) to be a 2D side-scroller akin to something like Strider, but takes full advantage of both screens, such as having enemies on platforms only on the top screen or projectiles that span both screens, as well as large scale boss fights similar to the Contra 4 bosses.  The best part is that it actually looks like it could be a lot of fun to play:

Instead of just being another game derived from the GoW series' style of combat mixed with mild puzzles and platforming this version of Thor looks to be an actually unique and pretty rad experience.  At least that's what I hope since this is potentially the first DS game I'll buy since Picross 3D. 

Edit: Then again, it might get just as repetitive.  One can only hope, I suppose.
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Ohh, it does look kinda sweet.
I'm fan of WayForward games.

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The graphics are really nice. I wonder how it plays.

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