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Thoth-Amon is a notorious sorcerer in the dark land of Hyboria; yet, where this man--that is if he can truly be characterized with such a mortal classification as man--derives his infamy is not from his own magical affinity, though this prowess is indeed tremendous, rather, it is from his uncanny connection to the great Serpent God, Set himself.

Khemi; seat of Stygian power.
Proclaiming Thoth-Amon to be the "king" of Stygia would not be entirely far from the truth, as he is doubtlessly the most powerful Stygian in the land, but Thoth-Amon is not the nation's highest authority. This honor belongs to he whom Thoth-Amon, and all his subjects, worship. This of course being Set. However, this is not to say the sorcerer is merely another pawn of Set. No, this is not at all the case. What differs Thoth-Amon from those other worshippers of Set, and they are numerous, is his [Thoth-Amon's] unmatched standing in Set's favor. Yes, Thoth-Amon is Set's favorite son. Thoth-Amon is the theocratic prince of Stygia, he is the very High Priest of Set, and with the utmost zealotry does he serve his serpentine master.

It is even said that the great Thoth-Amon has spoken directly with Set, himself!

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