Looks Like THQ's Owned Properties Will Be Auctioned Off Anyway

#51 Posted by Sunspots (206 posts) -

I hope this development doesn't stall or halt Metro Last Light coming market.

#52 Posted by Murdoc_ (519 posts) -

Rockstar would be smart to pick up Saints Row, get a lock on that genre and get both sides of the coin between the serious and crazy goofy.

#53 Posted by Winternet (8241 posts) -

They should livestream the auction. I'd watch that.

#54 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4187 posts) -

EA will probably go all Dave Hester on everything and bid everyone up.

#55 Posted by langdonx (141 posts) -

@Rirse said:

Please don't be EA. I don't want the future Saints Row games to be Origin only.

I'm not playing Dead Space 3 because of that. Pretty petty, eh? =[

#56 Posted by Kaiserreich (815 posts) -

@Legion_ said:

Saint's Row goes to EA.

Company of Heroes goes to Ubisoft.

Darksiders goes Square Enix.

Just kill me now.

#57 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12747 posts) -

The only franchises I have any sort of stake in are Saints Row and "whatever Relic makes". I hope both fall into good hands.

#58 Posted by Elwoodan (931 posts) -

great, because Company of Heroes: Modern Warfare and a gritty, realistic 3rd person cover-based Saints Row are exactly what we need. :(

#59 Posted by DonutFever (3824 posts) -

I hope Saints Row and Darksiders go to WB.

#60 Posted by Aeterna (1128 posts) -

This has me really worried for Metro: Last Light.

#61 Posted by RecSpec (4628 posts) -

Activision would be foolish not to buy the WWE license and make a Skylanders game based off of it. 
WWE is all about selling merchandise to kids, a perfect match.

#62 Posted by metaljoints (15 posts) -

Any thoughts on 2K picking up these IPs? Other than milking Bioshock they seem to let developers do their own thing but I may not be remembering some other injustice...

#63 Posted by MjHealy (1963 posts) -

Ok, NOW it's RIP THQ. I assumed from the story last year that the company was just about done but still had some life left in it. Now I see that I was wrong - the dream is over. Really sad to see a solid publisher like THQ go from good to dead within a year. That being said, I am looking forward to see who will pick up the WWE license.

#64 Posted by gaftra (184 posts) -

Not sure why people think Square will be able to buy up anything, they aren't in really great shape themselves. The real question is who has the liquidity to actually but this stuff up.

I'm curious how the licensed IPs shake out. Since both WWE and Games Workshop must have deals in place for this. I'm sure they wouldn't allow someone to scoop up that contract at an auction price.

#65 Posted by bassman2112 (993 posts) -

@WilliamHenry said:

@Branthog said:

Does it even matter, if the people behind the game design won't be going along with the IP?

Depends on the game/IP I guess. I hope that anyone who tries to pick up Saints Row is smart enough to realize Volition has to come with it. Warner Bros picked up Mortal Kombat and brought Netherrealm with it, so hopefully whoever gets Saints Row does the same.

That's exactly the way I hope this ends up going. If they bring Volition and 4A over to Warner, I'll be happy.

#66 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4965 posts) -

@DonutFever said:

I hope Saints Row and Darksiders go to WB.
#67 Posted by Hurricrane (137 posts) -


#68 Posted by Biggie (50 posts) -

Just as long as Relic and the 40K licence find a good home.

#69 Posted by blacklab (1694 posts) -

I hope someone good grabs Saints Row!

#70 Posted by Monkeyman04 (1501 posts) -

As a i said on the GS article on this. I wouldn't mind seeing either WB or Square Enix buy up THQ.

#71 Posted by Baal_Sagoth (1386 posts) -

@h0lgr said:

Man, Company of Heroes 2 needs to be taken care of. Can't bear to see that game drop off into nothingness.

Hell yes! So there are still plenty of reasons to be concerned. Fuck, Relic really needs to find a proper new home.

#72 Posted by Forum_User (319 posts) -

@Rirse said:

Please don't be EA. I don't want the future Saints Row games to be Origin only.

I agree, if only because even when Origin has sales, they are rarely as good as Steam's - even when those sales are going on at the same time. EA thinks everyone is an idiot, apparently.

#73 Posted by Hurricrane (137 posts) -

Also, why is it a judge's decision to determine who a company wants to sell to? That doesn't seem right

#74 Posted by Shadow71 (282 posts) -

I just want to see where Red Faction ends up!

#75 Posted by NintenJoe (44 posts) -

Volition and Saints Row need to be sold as a bundle deal.

#76 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2358 posts) -

The Saints Row franchise will be the most popular item up for bid but I don't know who should buy it. On the one hand I'd like to see more SR games made but not to the level of annualising it. Crytek might bid for Homefront since they are already making a sequel.

#77 Posted by forkboy (1342 posts) -

@Hurricrane said:

Also, why is it a judge's decision to determine who a company wants to sell to? That doesn't seem right

Essentially because the company owes lots of people lots of money & they think they have a better chance of getting more of that money back if THQ sell off their properties rather than are continued to run as a publisher. Essentially THQ's creditors have no confidence the company would ever be able to pay back its debts so they are just taking what they get because 45% (a number I totally just made & based off nothing purely for the sake of argument) of what you are owed is better than 0%.

#78 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

I can really see EA going for Saints Row, which would be a damn shame.

Good news for both Darksiders and Red Faction though, since disappointing sales of their last games meant it was unlikely we'd see sequels for either anytime soon. WB really would be perfect for Darksiders.

I'll also be happy to see the WWE licence go else where, the current developers have obviously long since given up actually caring to put effort into the yearly releases.

#79 Posted by aseddon130 (72 posts) -

Warner Bros ... buy them all. Simple as that. They'd be a perfect fit for the likes of Red Faction, Saints Row and Warhammer licences.

But as you say, i bet EA get the WWE licence. That's almost a guarantee and they will ruin it. That is definately a guarantee.

#80 Posted by YOUNGLINK (581 posts) -

no comment?

#81 Posted by zipperface (90 posts) -

@Demoskinos said:

@schattenwolf86 said:

Out of left field comes Rovio to buy the WWE license. Coming soon to your smartphones: Angry Birds VS WWE Allstars.

Considering my hate for angry birds I think I might just cut my wrists at that announcement.

I can see it now.... The game opens up to an arena with a crowd in the background, cameras flashing, and a ring in the center while the bird slingshot is placed just behind the door that the wrestlers use for their entrance. What's this... that little yellow bird, who is dressed up in a Macho Man Randy Savage outfit, jumps onto the slingshot. You pull it back, aim and release, but instead of a squeal there's an audible "OOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEAAAAH!" as he sails into the air. Once he reaches the peak of his arc and begins to descend you tap the screen again and he DOES A MOTHERFUCKING FLYING ELBOW DROP AND SMASHES THOSE PIGS AND BLOCKS!

#82 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

, you know what must be done: a video feature on that crappy PS1 wrestling game you linked at the end of the article.

#83 Posted by DriftSPace (133 posts) -

As long as EA doesn't get Darksiders I don't care one bit about this ...

(Maybe I don't care anyway since Joe Madureira left Vigil...)

#84 Posted by Evilsbane (5092 posts) -

@Aeterna said:

This has me really worried for Metro: Last Light.

So so very worried.

#85 Posted by mrfluke (5664 posts) -

saints row and darksiders i hope would go to WB or square enix.

Itill be too funny if ubisoft picks up the patrice game xD

#86 Posted by BaconGames (3775 posts) -

I think the only companies able to buy up something would be EA, Activision, Warner Bros., Disney Interactive, Ubisoft, and Take Two/2K. Dark horse bidders might include Zenimax, Square Enix (if they can find the assets), Microsoft, Sony, and any Japanese company that wants to pull a Square and expand in the Western market.

#87 Posted by Dogma (1006 posts) -

I saw Arthur Gies at Polygon suggest that CD Projekt Red shoud pick up the licence for Metro from THQ. That is quite a good fit actually.

#88 Posted by Fleck0 (86 posts) -

Oh lordy I hope EA stays away. Would be interesting if square/eidos picked anything up

#89 Posted by AuthenticM (4244 posts) -

It won't happen because they already own Sleeping Dogs, but I cannot imagine THQ's franchises in any better hands than those of Square Enix. They've proven they have their shit together when it comes to dealing with outside studios. They should definitely get Darksiders, though.

#90 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5211 posts) -

Please for the love of Christ don't let EA buy Saints Row.

God above, PLEASE do not let this happen.

#91 Posted by Sweetz (651 posts) -

Dream: Valve acquires Relic, says forget about the Warhammer 40K license, and has them make Homeworld 3, but only after putting remastered versions of HW1, Cataclysm, and HW2 on Steam.

#92 Posted by theanticitizen (298 posts) -

Ugh I don't want EA OR Activision to touch any of these IPs -.-

#93 Posted by Legion_ (1669 posts) -

@Kaiserreich said:

@Legion_ said:

Saint's Row goes to EA.

Company of Heroes goes to Ubisoft.

Darksiders goes Square Enix.

Just kill me now.

Going to need a adress. Usual fee is 150.000 dollars.

#94 Posted by Bobby_The_Great (1076 posts) -

Darksiders to Warner Bros. would be an amazing fit.

#95 Posted by aldo_q (139 posts) -

I really hoped (against better judgement) this would not happen. THQ seemed to be one of the few publishers that really dared to let developers make actually fun and unusual games and not just aim for some triple A generic blockbuster. In a sense it doesn't really matter to me who gets the properties as long as the developers behind them can stay in tact and get the same freedom THQ gave them.... then again, that is probably why they went under in the first place. Because lets face it, in the end 'we' all might dislike some of the bigger developers like EA and Activision, they are still in business because that triple A generic blockbuster is what most of us buy instead of the games THQ publishes...

#96 Posted by buddysmokes (9 posts) -

As long as we get the south park game it does'nt really matter who publishes it, And how many people are really going to care about saints row 4 when gta v comes out next year?

#97 Posted by Scratch (647 posts) -

I hope the studios get auctioned off alongwith the games and assets they produced (as a package), otherwise this is going to end up bad in every which way.

#98 Posted by theanticitizen (298 posts) -
@ThatPrimeGuy Bungie isn't owned by Activision. They are just printing Bungies game and giving them the money to finance it. Activision has no say whatsoever in Bungie's new IP, which is wholly owned by Bungie. Also any new projects Bungie works on can be shopped around to any publisher
#99 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (1413 posts) -

@cheeckoo said:


how would you feel about Spectre Marines ?


#100 Posted by MusiM (124 posts) -

I hope whole studios are purchased with the properties. A non-Volition Saints Row would be terrible.

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