THQ Humble Bundle - GoooooooOOOOooo!

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Okay so THQ are Humble Bundling up for another 12 days at - and it's kind of crazy what it is.

I put $6 in which roughly equates to £3.50 (which made me feel kind of bad but it's better than the average at the mo) but my question is to you, is this GOOD or BAD for THQ? This seems so random that they would do this, are they trying to get some buzz around THQ properties or are they literally throwing a fire sale saying 'oh God, please by this, I need to feed my kids!' I bought this anyhow even though I can't run any of these games currently on my PC just to be like, fuck yeah, THQ! they have a surprisingly broad catalogue and more dev's should be supported in that. Third Person Brawler, First Person atmospheric shooter and a strategic army series. What is THQ's future from here? (played bits of Metro and I surely hope the new one gets the light of day and shows up in a Scoopin' with Scoops vid some day)


Sorry, I didn't see Patricks story about it, I was just so like Oh Ma Gah about it when I got home tonight I posted a thread about it, whoops if this gets taken down, but still question still stands - WTF is going on with THQ? Last year after Saints Row the Third they couldn't be touched with the hype. )

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@PeasantAbuse: '40% climb?' At least this shows people out there are rooting for THQ for there madness and in most part I attribute that to Saints Row (who would of thunk that a few years ago? crazy).

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thread already made:

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@Phatmac: Sorry yeah, that has a lot of conversation already going on about it, lock this down Mod's if you like *tear*.

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@RazielCuts said:

@Phatmac: Sorry yeah, that has a lot of conversation already going on about it, lock this down Mod's if you like *tear*.

Sorry :(

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@Phatmac: How can I be mad at Phoenix Wright with a Santa hat on? (I need to do that but I didn't upload my own avatar)

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There is already a topic about this! Locking.

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