Warning Sign #183: THQ Threatened With NASDAQ Delisting

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@guynamedbilly: I'm sure this is overly simplistic since I haven't taken any preferred stock into account, but at a quick glance: 68.38 mil outstanding shares currently trading at $0.67 = $45.81 mil

That's a lot of money to lend when your stock is being threatened with delisting.

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Man. I don't want THQ to go under.... No more saints row! =(

@Arker101 said:

So much for Saints Row 4.

Yup, because we all know that was the end of Mortal Kombat, NFL Blitz and NBA Jam when Midway Games went under.

it would still dismantle the dev team and take years to reform them at another studio, if at all. And who says some of them don't cut losses to go join another company after the success of SR3?

If anything is to happen to THQ, Volition will be the first studio (and possibly only) to make it out alive. They're made enough quality games to easily get picked up by, say, EA or Square/Eidos immediately after the company closes doors.

especially after selling millions of copies of SR3.. no one would want that franchise!

Ok, you guys are right, volition probably would stay mostly intact and get snatched up by a savvy publisher. The IP however still belongs to THQ (i think) and there is no guarantee the new publisher would also spend money for that IP. I mean, why bother when they can buy volition and have them make a crazy open world game using one of their own IP's and simply stick "FROM THE MAKERS OF SAINTS ROW THE THIRD" on it. If nothing fits they could just have them make an new IP all together. I'm sure volition would be very interested in that if the stipulation that the IP belongs to them (ala activision-bungie style) is thrown into the bargain.

The saints row the fourth that WE want still may be in jeopardy of never getting made because of this THQ debacle

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I hope this doesn't mean Homeworld and Freespace die as well...

That and DoW of course...

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How much money would it take to buy the controlling stake in THQ? As a group we could turn this around!

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I hope this doesn't hurt Darksiders 2 release.

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Here's a wierd thing: Just checked my email and have recieved a THQ marketing newsletter that I have never recieved before, ever. In the context of this news article it almost seems like a sign of desperation on their part.

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@Xshinobi said:

I hope this doesn't hurt Darksiders 2 release.

...and if it does my gaming year will be ruined.

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I had no idea that THQ were in such trouble. I hope those guys can sort themselves out before they go belly up.

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@TorMasturba said:

When's Darksiders 2 out? if that's soon then they should be okay to stay in the NASDAQ's.

EDIT: Nearest I can find to actual release date info is that it's either been pushed back to being released in Q2 of 2012, or it was originally being released in Q2 2012 and it's been pushed back since that release date announcement.

Really sucks, I may not like all of their videogame offerings but they do release some truly awesome games.

Darksiders 2 is a niche game that will not help their financials much.

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Certainly not a good sign that the valuation of the stock continues to decline, but I'm not sure if this is as big a deal as people are making it out to be. If they want to avoid being delisted, all they have to do is do a reverse stock split. For example, they could trade investors 1 share of stock for their current 10 shares of stock. The total ownership percentage/value owned by each customer stays the same, but stock price would be multiplied by 10 at that point. I think ETrade did that a couple years ago.

The bigger concern is that the whole company is valued at like $50 million, which is less than the real value of a single good game's IP. Seems to me like a good opportunity for a larger company to swoop in and buy up whatever's valuable at bargain prices.

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