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A country in south eastern Jugdral, it's home to a powerful army of Dragon Knights. After the death of Emperor Galle, the Crusader siblings Dain and Noba traveled to Thracia and started their own kingdom, with Dain as king. After Dain's son became king, he became a tyrant that ruled with an iron fist, leading Noba's son to rebel against him. After the rebellion ended, Thracia was split into Manster and Thracia which led to decades of bitter hatred.



One of the Twelve Crusaders, he fought against Emperor Galle in the Holy War. At Darna, Dain was visited by a Dragon God, and given divine powers along with the powerful Gungnir lance. After Galle's death, Dain founded Thracia, and became it's first king. After his sister committed suicide, Dain later died from a mysterious illness.


The king of Thracia, he wants the money and power to reunite the Thracian peninsula. As a young man, he led an army against Lord Sigurd's army in Agustria, but he was chased away by their army. A year later, he ambushed Duke Cuan and Lady Ethlin in the Yied Desert, and killed them in battle. He discovered the infant Altenna among them, and raised her as his own daughter. Year later, Grandbell had conquered most of the land, and Trabant's dream had died. In one last act of defiance he attacked the Liberation Army, but was defeated in battle.


The prince of Thracia, he supports his father's vision for the future. He was raised together with Alteena, in Thracia, and soon fell in love with his foster sister. His father however had other plans, and had Areone arranged to marry Lady Linoan of the city of Tahra. After Trabant is killed in battle, Areone tells Alteena to join her real brother Leaf, in the Liberation Army. Areone then lead the remaining Thracian army into battle, but is defeated by Celice and his troops. Prince Yurius then rescues him, and takes him to Grandbell. In the closure of the war, Areone attacks Chalphy, but switches sides at Alteena's request. After the war ends, Leaf conquers Thracia, and no one knows what became of Areone.


A dragon knight of Thracia, he is a close subordinate of Prince Areone. During the Manster Liberation movement, Dean was set to Tahra by Areone in order to protect Lady Linoan from the Grandbell Empire. When Linoan abandoned Tahra with Leaf, Dean accompanied her, making sure that no harm would ever fall to her. Years after the war ended, Dean became leader of the Kingdom of Thracia's Dragon Knight's.


A dragon knight from Thracia, she helps her brother Dean guard Lady Linoan. A close subordinate of Lady Alteena, she accompanied Dean to Tahra to keep Alteena and Areone at ease with the invasion. After the war ended, she stayed close to Alteena and helped her build the Kingdom of Thracia, even at the cost of her own happiness.


The lord of Kapathogia, he is also know as "The Shield of Thracia." A very generous man, Hannibal had adopted many downtrodden children, including Corple of Edda, and Sharlow, plus he allowed refugees from Manster to live at his home at great risk to himself. When Thracia went to war with Celice, Hannibal's sons were taken hostage by Trabant as a a way of ensuring his cooperation. After his sons are rescued by Celice, he joins the Liberation Army against Grandbell. After the war ended, Hannibal helped Leaf unite Thracia, and became a great general.


A young boy adopted by Hannibal, he has a natural talent with magic staves. When he was very young, he was separated from his sister, and sent to an orphanage. While there, he caught the eye of General Hannibal, and was adopted. When King Trabant went to war with Celice, Sharlow was taken hostage, to make sure that his father would fight. After he was rescued by Celice, he joined the Liberation Army, and helped defeat Grandbell. After the war is over, Sharlow helped Hannibal and Leaf build the Kingdom of Thracia.


An orphan from Thracia, she is the long lost sister of Sharlow. As a child, Laylea was separated from her brother, and wound up working as a dancer in the Yied Desert. When she annoyed her employer Bramsel with her attitude, she was thrown in the dungeon, but was later rescued by Celice. She later met her brother Sharlow, but neither of them knew the other, so they never bonded as siblings. After the war ended, Laylea traveled to Agustria looking for a better life.


A wandering mercenary, he hates the tyranny of the Empire. During Leaf's rise against King Blume, Ralph defended a village near Lenster for showing him kindness by allowing him to board for free. When Leaf arrived, he offered his support for overthrowing King Blume. After the war ended, Ralph settled in Thracia and became a farmer.


A knight of Thracia, he is very loyal to General Hannibal. When Hannibal's sons were taken hostage, Kanatz helped Hannibal defend his castle against the Liberation Army. When Hannibal allied with Leaf, Kanatz remained in Thracia, and protected his lords castle.


The lord of Luthecia and friend of King Trabant, he is a great nationalist. When Trabant declared war on Celice, Disler took Hannibal's sons hostage, and kept them in his castle. Sadly for him, Celice caught on to his act, and killed Disler in battle.


The lord of Mease, he is very loyal to King Trabant. When the Liberation Army invaded Thracia, Mease was the first castle on the route and he was defeated easily.


A knight from Thracia, he was given strict orders from King Trabant to capture Manster after King Blume was killed. As he attacked Manster, he fought both Leaf and Celice's armies, and died in battle.


A knight of Thracia, he attacked Sigurd's army in the Yied Desert after Cuan and Ethlin were killed. He proved to be no match for Sigurd, and fell in battle.


A knight of Thracia, he was hired by King Chagall to defeat Sigurd's army. He was easily defeated by the superior Grandbell army.


A knight of Thracia, he attacked Leaf's army while they were battling General Largo in Noel Canyon.


A knight of Thracia, he attacked the mansion the Lenster army was staying, believing them to be bandits. He was killed before the cease fire from General Hannibal was given.


A knight of Thracia, he helped Gomes and the bandits of Purple Dragon Mountain for a little bit of cash. After he was defeated by Leaf, he changed his ways and got an honest job.


One of Ruemay's three children.


One of Ruemay's three children.


One of Ruemay's three children.

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