Command & Conquer : Tiberium (FPS)

#1 Posted by VACkillers (1075 posts) -

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on this game... Renegade was so awfull, but with a good concept... This looks to be brilliant!!!
What does everyone else think?


#2 Posted by optimusprime223 (399 posts) -

is looking pretty cool, the C&C universe is one of my favourites so this could be pretty dam sweet...

#3 Posted by serbsta (1867 posts) -

Looks promising, might check out a demo first.

#4 Posted by yorro (558 posts) -

Doesnt look good to me.

#5 Posted by zeus_gb (595 posts) -

Renegade was an OK game but after you got over the WOW it's a C&C FPS game the levels became repetitive.

#6 Posted by Bucketdeth (8048 posts) -

I have always liked the C&C series, but have always leaned towards it`s main rival Starcraft, and will probably dream of having a FPS or even a third person shooter(Starcraft Ghost) of it, but again if this game turns out good, even with EA behind it, I may check it out.

#7 Posted by VACkillers (1075 posts) -

I think its got to have the diverse set of missions that relate to the C&C games... not just having a squad with you, but being a lone commando aswell would be hell fun with the usual C&C style comments after killing guys and blowing structures up!

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