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Rin, Nerine, Mayumi and Itsuki find a watch that sends them back in time to before Nerine was born. They meet Nerine's father Forbesii (who, in the present day, is the King of Demons) who is engaged to Ai. However, Forbesii starts having feelings for Sage (the maid of the household). Rin (the player's) choices affect who will be Nerine's mother and additionally her appearance (it is possible for Nerine to become red-haired, or alternatively a lolita depending on the choices made).


Tick! Tack! is a standard visual-novel in that you cycle through text while occasionally making a decision which affects various sections of the game (most notably the ending). Since the game is set back in time, the actions the player makes will affect the future. Therefore, the game includes what is known as the "Nerine Watch". This gives you a guideline as to your progress towards changing Nerine's appearance, among other things.

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