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Tiger Heli is a 1942-style vertical scrolling shooter. The game was developed by Toaplan from Japan. Tiger Heli found its way to arcades, the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Playstation One. Taito published the game in Japanese arcades; as for the NES, Acclaim and Pony Inc. distributed the game in the US and Japan respectively, and Banpresto brought it to the Playstation as part of a Toaplan collection.

The gameplay is relatively simple: Shots by enemies are one-hit kills. Players have an unlimited supply of missiles that go as far as about half to three quarters of the screen length. They also have two bombs that take out all enemies in a circular area around where the bomb is dropped. These bombs could be shot and destroyed by enemy fire, but the player could replenish them by picking up the green cross power-ups. There are two other cross power-ups that give the player mini-helis that either shoot parallel or perpendicular to the heli's main fire. A red cross gives you the sideways shooting helis and white crosses shoot straight ahead.

Enemies and terrain vary from tanks to other helis, and from urban settings to battle ships. The game was notorious for its high level of difficulty. Almost everything in the environment is destructible and gives the player points which will yield extra lives every 20,000 and 80,000 points.


This is the first Shoot-Em-Up to use the smart bomb concept.

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