jmwilke4's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (Xbox 360) review

Tiger Woods 09 Much Better than 08

If you played Tiger Woods 08 last year you came to the conclusion that they must have fallen asleep at the wheel.  The game penalized you too much for miss shots.  The game shipped broken as you couldnt complete the Tiger Challenge until a patch had to come out.  And overall the game felt sloppy.  Another year later another Tiger Woods and the thinking was did they wake up and fix what was broken and for the most part they did.  The new coach mode in Tiger Woods is a great edtion and helps you keep your game in shape and even after you achieve Level 12 on your atributes you still have to keep them up in order to maintain your game at a top level.  The club tuner in the game is an awesome feature it allows to tinker with your clubs to such specific specification each club can behave very differently and help you get out of those tough spots.  The courses are great this year the new editions are great though i wish they would keep courses in previous years instead of taking them out but overall they are fun to play.  The swing mechanic in the game is much improved you not penalized as bad as last year but you still can hit very errant shots in the game.  The single player part of the game is the usual stuff in a Tiger Woods game the Season mode is great if you like taking your created golfer and dominate the Tour.  The Tiger Challenge is getting a little old and i think its time to come up with something new.  The Gamernet Challenges are better this year they are woven into the single player game and of course trying to top other players shot and beating there 18 hole scores is very awesome.  And the 4 player simlutanious online play is a great feature that helps speed up play bigtime.  Overall Tiger 09 is a much improved game from 08 and if your a Tiger fan or golf video game nut you cant go wrong with this game.


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