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I'm not great at it, but I find it a nice break from other games. 0

I'm not going to do a review in my typical format, because I haven't explored it in depth.And I'm probably not going too. I don't really play Tiger Woods, I just find it relaxing somehow.Even though I suck at it. So I'm going to talk about the game a little bit, I'll attach a score at the end and you can read into it whatever you like. Or don't.The first thing I did upon loading up the game was create my character, except I didn't really.I let the Xbox Live Vision camera do it for me.I bought on...

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Tiger is still the one to beat('cause there is no competition) 0

Every year there is a small handful of game titles i consider a must buy the first week of their release. Tiger Woods has always been one of those titles and this years version did not disappoint. It’s an improvement over last year’s version and it made a non online gamer into a huge fan of the Xbox live experience.Picture perfect. I think what has made this series so successful(besides no competition) is the game play. Last years version IMO missed the mark. The controls were just very unforgiv...

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Excellent as always 0

Tiger Woods, by his own mantra, shits excellence.  The video game series that bears his name is no exception.  This year's edition adds private lessons from Tiger's real-life coach Hank Haney.  By improving on actual shots you made during a round that you fouled up on, your stats are increased in the areas of Power, Accuracy, Short Game, and Putting.  This helps balance your overall stats now that they are based on your shot making and not spending earned skill points like the other games in the...

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Tigerrrific 0

Tiger Woods 09 delivers on many levels this year, improving on many small features that hampered the game over the past couple years. The addition of real-time swing feedback truly allows a player to fine tune their swing via the analog stick. The Career Mode gained a boost with the addition of Hank Haney in the 09 game. Players are allowed to work on their attributes by practicing shots they screwed up in the previous round. The online games and challenges are fun and challenging, whether you a...

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#1... in a field of 1. 1

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 PLATFORM (Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii)PUBLISHER (EA)PRICE $60ESRB RATING (E fo Everyone)PLAYERS (1-4)   Many reviewers have called Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 the best realistic golf game available on the market. While this statement may be true to a degree, it is also much less of a compliment when you realize that Tiger Woods '09 is the only simulation stlye golf game to release this year.   It is not that hard to be number one in a field of competition of exactly one...

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Tiger Woods 09 Much Better than 08 0

If you played Tiger Woods 08 last year you came to the conclusion that they must have fallen asleep at the wheel.  The game penalized you too much for miss shots.  The game shipped broken as you couldnt complete the Tiger Challenge until a patch had to come out.  And overall the game felt sloppy.  Another year later another Tiger Woods and the thinking was did they wake up and fix what was broken and for the most part they did.  The new coach mode in Tiger Woods is a great edtion and helps you k...

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The best golfer gets the best game 0

This version of Tiger Woods is by far the most enjoyable I have played so far in the series.  Previous to 09 coming out I always enjoyed 07 the most but the newest game gets the difficulty curve right and adds loads of new features to increase the games longevity.  The biggest improvement comes from the fact that every shot you hit counts for something.  At the end of every round you are assessed for your Power, Accuracy, Short game and Putting.  If you have a poor round then your stats in these...

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