The Weather Outside is the Weather in This Game

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New to This Year's Version:
Dynamic Weather Conditions: Real-time weather conditions on each course you play.

The game pulls data from the Wii's Forecast Channel and puts it in the game. So can you play in the rain? If you live in Chicago it's going to be a tough game. I'm sure you can toggle this feature on and off though.

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Pretty sure that that was in last years game.

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@Rallier said:
" Pretty sure that that was in last years game. "
oh snap
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I think Black and White did this first, but I'm not sure.

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Oh.  I took that straight off the wiki.  I'll edit it then.
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That sounds pretty neat though. So if there is a tornado, then it'll be a bit more difficult to get a whole in one?

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Wait, Tiger Woods '10 did come out last year so I'm not sure.  Nevermind about editing the wiki.
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It came out in June, so yeah. Pretty sure Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is last year's game.

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It's also more difficult to get a hole in one during a category 5 hurricane.  And if you live in Canada, I guess you'll be playing golf in the snow all winter. 
That reminds me, I watch late night TV and I heard dozens of jokes about the Tiger Woods scandal, but I haven't heard any hole in one puns yet.  Were there any?
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@insouciant said:
 And if you live in Canada, I guess you'll be playing golf in the snow all winter.  
it snows in the US, too if you didn't know >.> 
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Does it use your local forecast or does it take the forecast from the area each course is in?
Local seems kinda stupid,   
But if it's real time weather for each course, That would be pretty sweet.

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Oh, it said it "takes data from the Forecast Channel," so I assumed it took your local data, but the Forecast Channel does have weather data from all over the world, so what you said makes a lot more sense.  I'm dumb.
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Looked into it:

 Dynamic Weather Conditions—Powered by the Wii Forecast Channel, real-time weather now has a major effect on gameplay conditions. If it’s raining in Pontre Vedra Beach, Fl, then you too can face the challenge of a rain-soaked TPC Sawgrass.  

That's pretty sweet, I think I'm going to pick this up now.....
Not just because of the weather thing, I have recently begun golfing again, So I'm in that midset

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