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Is anyone else seeing weird numbers in their player stats? I show that I have 16 hole outs off green, but I remember only holing out once - from about 120 yards. I also show 35 hit the pins, and I've done that maybe four or five times tops. I've only played four complete rounds, so hitting the pin 35 times seems implausible.

I also thought perhaps that number was your cumulative yardage of doing that, but the holing out seems to shoot a hole in that theory.

It also seems strange that I would have 98 long drives - especially since my distance is currently topped out at 50. I remember seeing it pop up that I got bonus xp for a long drive less than half a dozen times.

It shows that I have the four complete rounds, but 184 holes played. I have barely done any of the other stuff outside of career, and clearly not done much of the career. It's not a huge deal, but just seems strange - or else I'm just misinterpreting things.

Anybody else have all kinds of things that don't line up?

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