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Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is an American professional golfer and longtime headliner of EA's PGA Tour franchise of golf titles. Breaking through as a professional golfer in 1997 by winning the 1997 Masters, Woods's name was used in EA's rebranding of the PGA Tour series into first Tiger Woods 99 and later Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000, the latter pattern being used for all games following in the series.

Following a 2009 car accident that led to a series of revelations regarding Woods's personal life, including a long list of mistresses with whom he cheated on his wife, and a year-long sabbatical from the PGA Tour to get his life back in order, a number of companies with whom he shared endorsement deals chose to cut ties with him. Electronic Arts, however, has continued their relationship with Woods, though every title in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series beginning with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has de-emphasized Woods in one manner or another. Cover art for the games now typically pairs Woods with another pro golfer (previous editions featured Woods exclusively as the cover star), and the marketing emphasis behind Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 was almost exclusively built around The Masters golf tournament, as it was the first entry in the series to feature Augusta National Golf Club.

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