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In Tilt (sometimes subtitled with "It's a Corker!"), the goal is to get the ball to the hole at the end of the level. Players control the playing area, rather than the ball itself.

Every time the level is tilted, it uses up a small amount of power. Touching a wall, gate, or rectangle will also take some power. Spread throughout each of the levels are gates that must be raised to allow the ball to pass under, if the gates aren't opened to allow the ball to pass underneath, the level must be restarted with a penalty to energy. After beating the game's four levels, another four levels are opened up that replace a number of gates with rectangles. Upon getting hit or ending the level, the power meter will increase based on how much progress was made. If the power meter is fully drained during a level, it will switch to backup power; while in backup mode, if another obstacle is hit, then the game will be over.

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