I will never get sick of this man's voice!

#1 Posted by Phished0ne (2541 posts) -

I hope somehow we are going to figure out how to make him live forever, because i rue they day i boot up a game and don't get surprised by his voice. I totally forgot he was in Dragon Age, and then as soon as i heard  his voice i went "OH YEAH TIM CURRY!!". Such a great iconic actor, be it in acting, or voice acting.

#2 Posted by Jedted (2419 posts) -

I agree!  The first movie i saw him in was Muppet Treasure Island(actually Home Alone 2 was probebly the first this was when i first really recognized him as an actor).  He's on my list of "Top 10 bad guy voice actors", it will be a sad day when the world mourns Tim Curry. 
#3 Posted by Andorski (5367 posts) -

His performance in Home Alone 2 was mesmerizing.

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