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Rogers lived in Japan for several years, during which he worked for various known game companies there. Though he prefers to not disclose the names of the companies, he has previously stated that he has done work for Grasshopper Manufacture inc., where he was a game designer and level designer. He has also done work for Zynga in the US. Currently, he lives in Oakland, California and makes games for his own company, Action Button Entertainment LLC.

Rogers writes freelance for Kotaku and and on his own game review website He also contributes to and is a regular guest on their podcast, Insert Credit, alongside Frank Cifaldi of Gamasutra, Brandon Sheffield of Necrosoft Games, and Alex Jaffe, also of Action Button Entertainment LLC.

He has also written for EDGE, Paste, Game Developer Magazine, Gamasutra, Wired, GQ, Vogue, and Atomix.

Rogers is known for his writing style, which is incredibly free-form and rambling, resulting in extremely long articles/reviews which always go off-topic onto different subjects. In these he presents himself in a self-inflated and unsympathetic manner, though Rogers has said that this is just a persona.


  • He knows English, Classical Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Pashto, and Western Farsi.
  • He has done work for DC Comics translating comics from English to Japanese.
  • He has a band called Large Prime Numbers.

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