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Tim Willits began his career in gaming as a mod maker and created several Doom levels in his spare time and distributed them over the Internet. id Software was so impressed with his work that he was hired in 1995. Willits was the level designer for Doom, Strife, Quake, Quake II and Quake III: Arena. In 2001, he became the lead designer for the upcoming Doom 3 and was given full creative control over the game. Willits worked with writer Matthew J. Costello (professional science fiction author) to flesh out the storyline and dialogues, created the storyboards with Pat Duffy, oversaw the motion-capture sessions with Fred Nilsson, supervised the voice-over sessions, wrote many of the email and audio logs found throughout the game and managed the team of level designers on a daily basis. Willits was literally the 'heart and soul' of Doom 3 and as the game was in near completion, John Carmack, Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack named Willits (along with CEO Todd Hollenshead) to co-ownership the company.

Willits was the executive producer in Quake 4 and helped supervised the team at Raven Software. He was the Creative Director for Rage.

Additional Info:

  • Before joining id, Willits was a battalion cadet-command major (C/CSM) during his junior year and attended ROTC Advanced Camp at Fort Lewis.
  • Willits is the only id Software employee to attend every single QuakeCon (John Carmack missed one year).

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