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Timbersaw can be considered a very powerful and dangerous hero if not countered properly. Timbersaw received a balance update in the 6.78 update that greatly increased his usefulness. Most notably the mana cost decrease of Chakram from 125 to 75, hugely increasing his damage per mana potential. He has the potiential to be an incredibly mobile hero with the Timber Chain skill. Allowing him to quickly navigate the jungle. Two of his damage dealing skills deal pure damage all the time while his Whirling Death can deal pure damage if a tree is destroyed in the process. This means his damage dealing capabilities scales extremely well into the late game as pure damage is not affected by armour and magic resistance.


Whirling Death

Default Key:Q

Legacy Key:D

Damage: 100/150/200/250

Primary Stat Reduction: 15% (7 seconds)

Area of Effect: 300

Whirling Death is essentially AoE spinning attack. Combined with Timber Chain it can deal massive amounts of damage in a short time. It also reduces the hero's primary attribute which can lead to decreased health/mana or damage output, depending on the primary ability.

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