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Time Man is one of Dr. Light's original robots (added in Mega Man Powered Up). He was designed to research the developing world of time-travelling, but one day (if one plays as anyone except Time Man), Time Man is taken by Dr. Wily, completely reprogrammed to do evil deeds at the whims of Wily. If one plays as Time Man, the story goes that everyone except Time Man is taken by Dr. Wily. Dr. Light reprograms him to charge and slow down time.

Time Man's character has been shown to be strict about scheduling. Whenever a character faces him, he tells the character that he or she is late on his own schedule. His attacks in a boss fight are to run around, shoot little clock hands and slow down time. When he slows down time, he is free to wander where he pleases while the foe moves at a slower rate than he. His weapon is Time Slow, which has huge consumption of weaponry but gives Mega Man the power to slow down time. This is Guts Man's weakness.  

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