#1 Posted by Zabant (1277 posts) -

Does anyone want to come boost achievements on this game.?
getting them is impossible as there is NOBODY playing this game online.
its depressing.

#2 Edited by tastyhouse (113 posts) -

lol I tried to play an online match yesterday - completely dead.  The game isn't actually that bad.  Worth the 8 bucks I paid for it anyway.

#3 Posted by cstrang (2381 posts) -

The only people I saw playing this game were in Player matches, which doesn't really help for quick achievements.  And there were only two other dudes.  But this is why I hate online achievements:  As soon as the online community dies out (which can happen fairly quickly), you have no chance at getting all 1000 points.   Oh well, I guess I'm going to try to sell this game to Amazon, now that I've beaten the game on Elite.

#4 Posted by xyzygy (10091 posts) -

It's a shame when this happens. I know that for Assault on Dark Athena, that game had almost no one playing right from day one. How do they expect people to get those insane achievements without boosting? Why can't they just NOT put online achievements in games? man

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