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Slathering Through The Matter Machine

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There is a whole lot of shooting going on, no I don’t mean this game, I mean on the whole damn console.  It seems like over half the games that come out these days are some kind of shooter.  I’ve been playing the modern first person shooter since Tribes came out in…  hmmm, 1998, that’s a while ago.

I make that point to say that, I’m not going to play a shooter these days for the online multiplayer, there’s just not any juice in that anymore for me.  If I play a shooter these days, its because the single player experience kept me interested enough to keep coming back for more.

That caveat aside, I finished TimeShift and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This is a strong shooter type game with a twisted story set in an alternate history timeline.  There are some FMV cutscenes, but the majority of the story elements are dolled out through in-game characters, radio chatter and the graffiti filled billboards.

For whatever reason, I liked the single player portion of this game.  You get to splatter dudes brains all over the place, like any other basic shooter.  You get to ‘splode other dudes with rocket launchers, like any other respectable shooter.  Yo, get this, you get to freeze time, run up to a dude, snatch the shotgun out of this hands, shoot a bullet at his head with it, then unfreeze time and watch his brains blow all over the place, and that is some shit you don’t find in other shooters.

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