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Tin Soldiers is turn-based wargaming with a twist.  Koios Works developed an engine for simultaneous turn-based strategy.  A player does not take turns with his opponents, instead each opponent plans out their strategy and issues orders to their units simultaneously, then presses a play button and the battle rages as all the units execute their orders for that turn in unison, just like real-time strategy but for the twitch impaired. In addition, a unique "reaction" system enables mid-turn adjustments to strategy.

Koios Works attempted mimic the hand crafted look of miniature figures while eschewing the current gaming trend toward ultra realism.  Both games included hundreds of individually adorned soldiers rather then clones of identically clad animations. Illustrated in beautiful 3-D views of the battle fields, the battle scenarios and troop placements are based on real historic events with entertaining, educational, and non-fiction cut-scene storytelling.

Because of low sales, the Tin Soldiers franchise ended with only two games released.  Koios Works decided to move from the ancient world to World War II and start a new franchise of games, the Panzer Command series.

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