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Tin Star is a Western-style on-rails shooting game with robots exclusive to the Super Nintendo in the US. It was developed by UK studio Software Creations and published by Nintendo themselves.

The main character of the game is a sheriff named Tin Star sent to East Driftwood to clean up the town. Tagging a long is his trusty sidekick Mo Crash and his horse Aluminum. Tin Star goes to the town of East Driftwood to stop Black Bart, the leader of the Bad Oil Gang.


And keep 'em up.

Acts are replaced with days and in days there are levels called scenes. The game starts on Monday, and goes through until Sunday. At the start of every day is a shooting gallery mini-game. The training consists of trying to keep one or more jugs in the air for as long as possible by shooting the jugs. Every time a jug gets shot, the more more money the player receives. The jugs also change color if they are in the air long enough. If the player waits, the game will change and the player will instead try to juggle the bottles while shooting a target to gain money.

The game play is an on-rails shooter that is either in first person view or in a 2D mode where the player can see Tin Star, but cannot control him. In this mode Tin Star moves independently, and aims his gun wherever the player is pointing the crosshairs. Tin Star not only has to take down enemy robots, but remove hazards like birds, dynamite and other objects. At the end of certain levels there are mini-bosses, which often appear more than once in the game.

One of the boss showdowns.

At the end of the day after several stages, there is a main boss fight which is a one-on-one showdown in the street. This fight consists of the player shooting a cylinder from a revolver from one of the four corners of the screen and then shooting the boss in the middle of the screen.

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