What's The Worst Game You've Ever Played?

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What's the worst game or list of games that you have played?

For me it's Pain or Far Cry 2, at least in this generation. Pain is the most dull piece of shit I have ever played and Far Cry 2 is just a big boring sandbox with nothing to do and halfway through the game, it starts all over as if they just copypasted the game to make it twice as big.

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I am not certain, actually.

To be honest, when someone says "name some bad games that you own", I kind of come up with a blank. I can't name many outright terrible games that I've played, mostly because I research and/or know something about most of the games that I buy.

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Three way: Wild Metal for DC, Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, and (I'll admit it) Shaq Fu

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I was hoping for some in-depth Tintin in Tibet discussion.

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It was probably some dumb flash internet hentai game or some shit like that.

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My friend rented Superman 64. We tried to beat that first level for about an hour.

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